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There has never been a better time to be a woman and to be a entrepreneur in the history of the world! You have been born at this special time for a reason.

If you have always had a feeling you were meant for so much more than NOW really is YOUR TIME!

My coaching is for women like you who are ready to take the action and invest in themselves to create the life and business that has you waking up truly thankful everyday, just as I have.


My 1-1 coaching packages are for entrepreneurs or those who aspire to be who are looking to ignite their passion and create a life of freedom and purpose.


This programme is designed to help you get clear on who you are - your unique authentic brand - then create the exact life, business and brand that is 100% YOU! From mindset, to marketing to full brand and business creation! 

This means creating a whole strategy that is completely personalised; from what we do week to week,

to the social media you use to promote your business, to the brand we create; My programme is the ONLY programme I know of that works from the inside out; getting clear on who you are then recreating that in your business through brand and content strategy to full brand creation. 


80% of success comes from our mindset and 20% from our productivity. Therefore mindset is part of the focus in my coaching, once you master your mind ANYTHING is possible. AND when you combine this with a massive action plan THAT is when BIG SUCCESS happens.


All my coaching is completely personalised to my clients individual needs.  However I am a true believer in our mindsets and actions being in complete alignment; when we work on both of these things thats when the magic really happens! 


As a coach I’m very intuitive, committed to getting you results but also caring and humorous (if I do say so myself). I adopt both feminine (manifesting mindset) and masculine (strategy and action) structures in my coaching. I’m a visionary and creative and visual branding is also my thing so I enjoy getting creative with my clients and helping them create stand out high end brands and content that really get them get noticed and represent exactly who they and there business are (authenticity is key!!) while being consistent!

  • You’ll get clear on exactly what you want for your life, business, brand and how to get there! 

  • You’ll work out what’s been keeping you stuck and create new powerful beliefs.

  • You can have your full brand created fluidly in one place, resulting in creating a truly authentic, high end and stand out brand!

  • You'll have a business and marketing blueprint; we will find the EXACT success and marketing strategies that work for you! 

  • You’ll end the struggle of trying to figure it out on your own and have the full support to achieve your dreams.

  • You'll learn how to create standout content that is in complete alignment with your brand and what your clients WANT to engage with! 

What are the benefits of working one on one work with me?
  • You’ll get visible in your own unique way!

  • Gain confidence, clarity and accountability.

  • You'll create an amazing and SUCCESSFUL business and brand.

  • You'll know the exact process you need to create a purposeful and profitable online business.

  • You'll be coached and mentored so you achieve your big dreams no more procrastination!

  • You’ll learn the exact strategies to create a 6 or 7 figure business.

  • Firstly getting to know you; the true you, listening to you, your story, who you are, finding your uniqueness and desires, your fears, your blocks; it's from this place I can really give you my best and help you create anything you desire including the below..

  • How to manifest what you truly want; through NLP techniques, mindset work, strategy and more! 

  • How to take your big dreams and break them down; what to be doing daily, weekly, monthly and more.

  • How to create consistent clients/customers in relation to where you are at and your own personal goals. 

  • Becoming visible in a way that is best suited to you.

  • Finding and creating your own engaged tribe/target market/community! 

  • Creating a brand that is based on authenticity - working from the inside out to create your unique brand identity and visuals that are high end, 100% you and stands out from the crowd! 

  • The A-Z of on how to create and implement a successful online freedom based business (everything from marketing to social media to sales pages, to lead magnets, sales funnels - I've got you covered!!)

  • Find your USP (unique selling point) and using it to create your life, business and brand! 

My coaching is bespoke but some of the areas I cover with my clients are:

  • Creating a business model and marketing plan that works for you and your audience.

  • Money Mindset - get rid of your money blocks so you can create endless abundance!

  • How to create compelling content that attracts your ideal clients/customers.

  • Limiting beliefs and creating new beliefs in line with the life and business you want.

  • Mastering the Art of effective communication; through your messaging, sales calls, relationships etc.

  • ‘Sales’ and sales calls, which aren’t salesy  - how to get a high turnaround in your discovery/sales calls and how to do them! 

  • Accountability coaching - weekly goals and actions destined for you to achieve your BIG GOAL! 

  • Going Evergreen; how to create a business that is working for you!!

  • How to package your products and services 

  • Confidence - Becoming visible.

  • Mastering Video to attract your ideal clients - how to be your true authentic self on video! 

  • KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Instagram - how to use this amazing platform to grow your tribe and find your ideal clients! Facebook groups - How to create your own kick ass, engaged, high vibe Facebook group! 

This package is for:


Women willing to invest in themselves 

Women who are ready to create a transformation

Women who are coachable 

Women looking to up level their brand/business  or create one

This is not for:

Women who expect the work to be done for you.

Women who aren’t willing to invest in themselves

Women who have a negative attitude and are un-coachable.

What do you get?

Extensive welcome pack

Weekly to fortnightly one hour coaching calls (listed below)

Starts with a 90 minute intensive x1

Action items after each call

Email access between sessions

Monthly review sheets 

Personalised reading list

Workbooks where applicable.

Dropbox folder where all your coaching calls and materials are stored.

BONUS: Kickstarter Pack 

BONUS: Consultations with experts in other areas including, PR, Branding, Sales Funnels.

18 Coaching sessions, recommended for those who are looking to work on their life and business. 6 months is how long it takes to truly make a lasting change and to create a business from scratch. 


£6,500 (£1,500 + 5 x £1000) or save £500 when you pay in full



12 Coaching sessions. For existing entrepreneurs who are looking to get help with their existing businesses, become more successful, create a better brand and get accountability or those only looking to start their journey to success. 

 This is not for anyone looking to create a business from scratch!

£5,000 (£2,000 + 3 x £1000 payments) or save £500 when you pay in full!

Bonuses when you book now:

The Kickstarter Pack

Consultations with experts in PR, Sales funnels/facebook ads, Branding.

An extra 90 minute intensive for anyone who buys their package within 24 hrs of the discovery call!! 

Why choose me as your coach?

I’m never going to tell anyone why they should choose me as their coach..

This is a decision that only you should make after reading through my site, watching my videos, reading my articles and most importantly after talking to me. 

As Ultimately that's what it's all about - the connection and when it’s a perfect fit it is literally transformational!

So book a call and lets see if we’re a good fit and if we are, get ready to see yourself, your life and your business transform into the beautiful life you were born for.

If, however, you like to know a little bit more here are a few others bits about me that you may want to take into consideration when deciding if I am the coach for you:

I have pretty much transformed any of the fears that held me back; from being crippling shy, to not knowing my purpose, having eating disorders, becoming pregnant while at University etc, all while being a mum and having traumatic events thrown my way (just to top it off..) I’ve never given up and have found a way through everything, I like to pass this same reliance onto each of the clients and show them what is possible for them when they belief in themselves and DO NOT GIVE UP.

I  have produced great results within each of my clients and some of my latest testimonials will tell you more about that (soon to be updated!!), from tripling sales, creating businesses from scratch can well as stand out wow brands, to discovering life purpose, my coaching is extremely bespoke and diverse and I do mindset work as well as the nitty gritty of business, marketing and branding. As these combined equal BIG RESULTS. 

I have been able to maintain consistent clients and increasing income since DAY 1 of my business and it has grown from strength to strength in a very small amount of time. I am now creating 5 figure months.

You aren't just getting the support of a coach! You are getting a support team! From a designer to take care of all your needs to world class VA's and tech support! Live Love Grow is a family company unlike anything else out there! 

I'm masterful with money and manifesting!


I have been featured as one of Gina Devee’s Success stories from the The Divine Living Academy 3 where I have created a video on my success and been featured on her preview call and in Divine Living magazine. 


I'm a Certified Coach through an ICF accredited course. 

I created a 6 figure business within my first year of business all WITHOUT Facebook ads! 


I listen (like really listen).. I care.. (like really care) and I am 100% invested in helping you, my clients, achieve their dreams! 

Learn more under Frequently asked questions below or book a call today! 

Frequently asked questions:


I’m not sure if I want to create a business I just know I need to get clear on what I want so I don't stay stuck, is this something you coach on?

It sure is! Clarity is key!!! So I would suggest a 3 month programme for this to start you off. I do a lot of mindset and life coaching which in turn helps people in ALL areas of their life, the focus isn't necessarily business.

Who do you work with?

Normally the clients I work with are in one of three positions; 

1) Women who want to create their own successful business and make the switch from working professional to entrepreneur. 2) Entrepreneurs who have struggled to get their business where they want them. 3) Women who have bought a business and need to learn how to make it a success! I work with both service and product based businesses


There are so many coaches out there how do I know who to choose and if they can help me?

Good question! It all comes down to your connection with the coach! Get on the phone with them, have some calls and feel it out. Do your research, check out testimonials, watch videos of them/read articles and see if their overall message resonates with you.


What do you do in coaching sessions?

This one is ALWAYS asked! As each client is unique and different so are the sessions, everything starts with what you want, which we go into deeply in the welcome pack. Each session will start with me asking what you want from the call today and end with what you got from the session and your action items for the next week and onwards. It’s not just what you do in the sessions, it’s what you do between them that is so important and only works through doing a coaching package so you are kept continuously accountable and able to stick to it long enough for the change to take place. As far as WHAT we do that changes from person to person.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you choose to cancel before our first session then yes. However after this no as I only work with women who are committed to getting results and changing their lives, putting down the investment starts the process of transformation. Both you and I are protected by a legal contract so you can feel in safe hands when investing.


Are you able to help me create my brand?

Well actually.. yes, for an additional cost. This is one of the big advantages of working with me. I have a high end live in designer, so if you are looking to get your branding all done in one place, you can! Actually this is something my husband and I do together to help people create brands that represent exactly who they are, everything you see right now was created by us! 

I read your story but I want to know more!

Of course my story is a VERY condensed part and not everything is on there, so if you want to know more about my work, me and my journey then subscribe to my mailing list to get even more from me. Or book a discovery call if you want coaching and ask any questions you have there. I am very open with my clients and I look forward to hearing more from you. 

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