Coaching Intensive

If you are looking for fast results for you and your business, love meeting in person (or via a Zoom meeting), like quick transformation, and need a plan of action to implement, than an intensive coaching session may be perfect for you! 


The great thing about an intensive is that you can FAST TRACK your success! Essentially what you would be getting over a 6 week or more coaching package is done in less than one day! You get a day that is totally devoted to you and creating the dream life, brand and business you desire!! 


When you go into an intensive coaching session you are investing in you! Giving yourself permission to explore what you really truly desire in your life and business and then learn how to get there and create a plan to get you there! 


There is nothing quite like an intensive, it’s a day you vow that from this day on my life will never be the same again!


My intensive clients have had amazing results from creating their full online business from nothing, to tripling sales straight after, creating 6 month business strategies, nailing their brand/message/niche and so much more and I would love for you to join them! 


My intensives include a business intensive welcome pack to plan out your intensive, a pre call and fully inclusive day (drinks and food included) at a luxury hotel usually Great Fosters (Surrey) or the Corinthia (London). Intensives can be taken over Zoom too and spread out over calls. In person intensives usually take place on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday but there is some flexibility. So if you would like some 1-1 attention in a luxury day dedicated to you now has never been a better time..

"I decided to book a 3 hour Intensive with Kirsty because I’d been a member of her Live Love Grow Tribe for a while and knew she would be exactly the right person to help me with my problem. She totally was!!


I was struggling with figuring out my Ideal Client but working with Kirsty provided me with so much valuable knowledge that I came away with an action plan helping to nail not just my ideal client, but my market research too and get started on my social media marketing.


I had a 3 month plan set out from just spending 3 hours with Kirsty! Most productive 3 hours ever!! I totally recommend booking a 3 hour Intensive with Kirsty if you want to propel yourself and your business forwards rapidly!"

The Success Accelerator VIP Intensive


This is a 6 hour experience plus 30 day support! This gives us time to really create a plan and go deeper. We can create a full mastermind plan and/or select an area you want to focus on getting coaching/mentoring on. 


This intensive includes:

• An in - person intensive coaching day with me (4.5 hours minimum) at a luxury hotel to create your life and business changing day!! 

• 30 Days of access to and support from me to support you every step of the way! 


• Another 90 minute intensive call to keep you accountable, to answer more questions and further your strategy. 

• Access to my client only private membership site for all the training and resources you need plus a private dropbox folder for additional resources to support you with your goals!​ so that you have everything you need at your finger tips! (worth over £3000 itself!) 

This is for you if you want to go deep creating your plans for your business and life, exploring both your mindset and business strategy and have a day/coaching 100% tailored to you.For those wanting more structure I have a deep dive mastermind plan that covers the mindset and strategy of what you need to do personally to create your transformation! 

Investment £3500 (plus VAT)

"I have worked with Kirsty from September 2016 to December 2017 on and off now. Most recently in December of 2017 I decided to work with Kirsty for a 1 day intensive and I had a great day with her. I decided to do the intensive because I knew I needed a boost to help me for 2018. Doing this intensive helped me get clarity on what I wanted and needed to do for the next phase of my business. Some of the main outcomes that came about from this intensive included.


1. More engagement in my group and a strategy to help give my tribe value without being too salesy.

2. Kirsty gave me the confidence to design a challenge which is something I had been hesitating on and it will now be taking place later this month. I have many people interested in this job hunting challenge and feel happy to deliver it.

3. Producing a more organised way of developing my content. I now make time to write my articles, blog posts and trainings and plan these from month to month as opposed to week to week. This would often feel very overwhelming.

4. Understanding the need for passive income products and having people sign up for two online courses on CV preparation and Jobhunting via LinkedIn. Both courses have had great feedback and I really enjoyed designing and delivering the content for this. There are two more courses in the works for interview preparation and a general job hunting course too.

I feel the intensive has helped my confidence as a business woman in helping me think about earning money in different ways. I also feel it allowed me to remember some of my key passions which are writing and delivering content that my tribe and clients really need. There will also be some new changes coming to the current services I offer. This intensive has allowed me to understand that your clients and tribe are so important and are an integral part of my why. By learning from my clients, I want to deliver them more things they need and really want. I feel a renewed passion for helping more women create a definition of career happiness that fits their lifestyle.


I really feel the intensive has given me the an amazing kickstart for 2018 and will help me develop more exciting changes thanks for all the guidance from Kirsty. "

To book a call to see if this is right for you and discuss your

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*For a Limited time get a space at my Mastermind Day Event on 11/1 Included for free (worth nearly £500) 


I want to finish off by speaking about the lady in the photos with me. Meet Sam Hearne, a real client of mine and the client who's had the most in person intensives/meet ups with me (so who else would I get in the photos?) 

When Sam came to me she had an idea and an Instagram page she had recently started. She had no idea where to start with creating a business but she had determination, passion and knowledge for what she wanted to do.


Fast forward 6 months later Sam has a fully recognisable brand, full visibility, a great website (created by my husband John Carden), a thriving and large Facebook community and Instagram community. She is a (paid) writer for Happiful magazine.


More importantly Sam has a business filled with ideal clients who she works with 1-1 and in online workshops. She has managed to exceed monthly what she makes in her senior teaching role while still working full time! More importantly Sam has a thriving business and daily speaks about how proud she feels that she followed her dream and how much she loves her life and business! 


Sam took the action and went for her dream, will you?

Book a free call today and take the first step to creating the life and business of your dreams, because we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Investment £3500 (plus VAT)

*Mastermind Day worth £500 included for limited period 

"Before working with Kirsty, I felt totally frustrated and lost about social media marketing. As a online entrepreneur, consistency is super important, and I was struggling to find a platform and strategy that would enable me to be visible while juggling a burgeoning business and a young family.

As a busy mum and businesswoman herself, Kirsty fully understood my time management challenges and taught me how to strategically use Instagram to swiftly build a following of ideal clients from scratch in an elegant and enjoyable way. Gaining this level of clarity on my "hero platform" was pivotal as it enabled me to finally get focused and stop spreading myself too thin across multiple social media accounts.

As a result, I'm working smarter, not harder. I'm no longer overwhelmed and I feel much more in control of my business. What's more, I'm happier as a mum and wife since I now have more time and energy available for my family!

Kirsty is extremely well-rounded where it comes to branding, social media marketing and online business strategy... Plus, she delivers it all in a very efficient, yet warm manner, that makes you trust her instantly as your mentor and coach.

Overall, she offers a delightful, uplifting and informative experience. I would recommend her services and programmes to any new or aspiring female entrepreneur looking to live, love, grow her business and life!"

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