Make 2019 your best year ever!! 

Do you want to make 2019 a big year for you? Are you ready to step into the most successful version of you? Are you ready to go from ‘knowing’ to doing? Would you like to go through a powerful process to make it happen now, in your own time and at a fraction of the normal cost?

If so keep reading..


One of the top reasons people don’t achieve their goals is because of lack of planning, not clear enough goals or direction and because they are blocked and haven’t created the space to receive. 


So this is EXACTLY why I have created the Kickstarter Self Study Bundle!

It’s designed for you to clear anything that needs to be cleared - physically, mentally and emotionally so you have the space and awareness you need to create. It gives you the chance to reflect on and learn from your past year and create next years (and beyonds) goals and intentions in a way that all successful goals are achieved. There are also coaching exercises for you to do to reap the benefits even more. 


The past 2 years has been the most successful years of my life and that was after going through the process I’m taking you through here. The value of what you are getting here is priceless and the best thing is you can do this process year after year! 

What are the benefits of the Kickstarter Self Study Success Bundle?

The Kickstarter Self Study bundle takes your through a process to create your most successful year ever! You are given specific questions, lists, coaching exercises and more, all designed for you to create your most successful year!

You get to work in your own time without the stress of trying to figure it all out yourself!  


 The pack is designed with three key sections;


  • Reflect - reflect back on the last year and learn from it.

  • Clear - physically, emotionally - section by section each area of your life, what has been hanging over you? What needs to be cleared?

  • Create - create your dream life - goals, break them down, create new habits and daily activities - everything you need to support you achieving your goals! 

  • PLUS Coaching exercises throughout that will deepen the process and help you learn more about yourself and your true desires.

      VALUE £49



This step by step process will have you look deep at every area in your life and business and see what small changes you can make now that will create big changes by the end of the year! You’ll have a grading system which will mean you will you the progress you make throughout the year.


You’ll learn:

•How to create your ideal - first class life from making small changes

•Which areas in your life you are neglecting 

•Where you are thriving

•Where you need to start first to create the biggest difference

As well as this you’ll have a plan that you can easily see your process as the months go on.





As an extra bonus we're giving you the habit creator! Without creating new habits your good intentions are doomed to fail. So I have created this simple Habit checker to help you along your way. The simple process will help you create your habits and keep you accountable for doing it daily, you’ll get it in both a PDF format and for print so whether you prefer to do things online or have something physical you can tick off, we have you covered!! 


BUY NOW and get all 3 for just £49 Normally £87

PLUS  Join my free group THE FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR EVOLUTION and get extra support from me and the amazing high vibrational women of the group as we all declare our 2019 goals together and continue to support one another! You'll get access to an incredible community plus tonnes of videos!

Remember you can’t fill a full suitcase! This is the problem most people make! Trying to take on new things when they haven’t finished off the last lot, having things unfinished and hanging over your head is the worse way to be when trying to start a new journey and manifest new things into your life. 


Buy the Kickstarter Success Bundle today and get ready to start 2018 feeling light, refreshed, with a plan and ready to have your best year ever!

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