Hi! I’m Kirsty! 

I’m a mindset and business coach that works with female entrepreneurs to create lives and business that are 100% them! 


I love helping women re discover just how amazing life and business can be so they can go out there and make the impact they were destined to make! 


I know how it feels to be living a life half lived, starting out in a place you don’t feel you belong and knowing you were meant for more.  And I also know what it feels like to be on the other side where you live your life feeling free, happy and ALL YOU! I want all women to feel this way and that’s why I do what I do! I’m dedicated to helping women truly LIVE LOVE and GROW their lives and businesses! 


Just like you, I have a story and this journey is what has lead me to be the coach I am today..

Every woman has a story, here's mine..

So my story starts from when I was a child. I was born into a family I was very different from in most ways and it wasn’t the easiest of childhoods.. I was painfully shy and despite coming from a big family, felt very much alone. From a young age I was very ambitious, I knew I wanted more, I would vividly visualise my future; I wanted to fall in love, be a great mum, have my own home that looked like everything I wanted, travel, have a fulfilling career and life, be wealthy so I wasn't limited and able to help others. I believed it was possible despite what I was surrounded in at the time.


My teenage years were tough and in an attempt to not be like my family, obese, and gain control over my life at 14 years old I developed anorexia that later turned into bulimia. I wasn’t given any help, I had to think my way out of it and luckily I did years later..


However I knew the only way I could grow was to get myself in a different environment, so at 16 years old I went to college to study and was very lucky to have manifested a sponsorship so I could stay at the college halls while I studied. This changed everything in my life. I found my love for the study of people, came out with higher grades than I ever knew was possible, as well as amazing new friends and experiences and a wealth of knowledge.

I continued on to University however during my second year I experienced the biggest shock of my life.. I was pregnant! Despite this life changing news I was determined not to give up on my degree; I had my son in the summer gap and went back in October. I got my honours degree and then a year later (after spending some time with my son) a job in the media industry as I wanted, however as time went on I knew I no longer loved his father so had to make the hard decision of leaving him and everything I knew. Having never lived on my own this was a big decision but I knew it was the right one. I moved to a place close to where I worked and became a single mother. A year later, just when I was getting use to being on my own in stepped the man of my dreams and we fell head over heels in love, this man is now my husband and we have been together 8 years.

I can honestly vouch for the saying when you meet the one you just know, I remember having the song “This is it, this time I know it’s the real thing” playing over and over in my head as soon as I meet him. Not only that I formed a bond with his mum like no other, she was such an incredible woman. So a year later when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer it was more than devastating. The thing I was determined to do was make the most of our time together and we certainly did, from seeing us get married to amazing holidays and every bit of annual leave we had we made sure it was spent with her. She lived for 5 years with terminal cancer and we had some of the most amazing times, I really believe her amazing state of mind is what kept her going for so long and she held on until she saw her last grandchild born.


After she died it took a huge hit to my family, my husband, son and I were so deeply affected that we had a very hard time after. Our relationship suffered as a consequence and we both dealt with how we were feeling in completely different ways. For a while I lost myself.. 


At the same time I went back to work still grieving to be moved to another office where I didn’t know anyone, my parental rights of working from home were taken away and I wasn't listened to, I felt like 'a number' and became stressed. I had been in the role too long and felt stuck with my parental responsibilities but things finally hit breaking point from every area in my life and from that moment everything changed.. 

I took time out to focus back on my family, marriage and what I really truly wanted. I got clear on my why and I can honestly say felt like a new me. For years I knew I wanted more but I didn’t know how to get there. I knew I wanted my own business, to help people, to do something meaningful, I was thinking of going into psychology and interior design but neither felt quite right until I discovered coaching. Coaching united all my unique gifts, life experiences, interests and education into one and when I found it I knew I had found my purpose. 


And that was the thing that changed it all, really discovering my purpose.. my why, in both the work I wanted to do in the world and what I really truly wanted from my own life and who I wanted to be. Often we have these dreams but no idea how to get there. That was my problem but once I got the coaching and the clarity everything changed. 

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and it's in some of these hardest times that we truly discovery who we are meant to be. 

I now work with incredible women, mostly early stage entrepreneurs, to help them do the same, get clear on what they truly want and then create the beautiful lives and businesses they love, where they can live the authentic free lives they are meant to have. Life and business are one for me as I believe that only in creating our own work can we truly express who we are and live lives we are meant for.

I can honestly say I've never felt more free, happy, in love, alive and ME  as I do now. After doing all the inner work, learning from the hard times, creating a space for myself to explore what I truly wanted and getting a coach my whole life changed, from the inside out. And becoming a Certified coach was one of the best things I have ever done. 

When starting my business one of my big WHY's was my husband. I wanted to create a lifestyle where we could be together and work together and  I did just that and he has joined me working with my clients to create amazing authentic high end brands. 

My best friend Sarah has also been able to join me too and is a big part of Live Love Grow. It's been an amazing journey that I hope to create for many more women just like you.


If you are interested in how you can do the same for yourself, click the 'work with me' tab to learn more. 

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