Are you looking to end the year with a bang? Do you want to achieve your big goal or breakthrough by the end of the year in the most fun way possible? Making new friends and creating a new network? Do you work better when you collaborate and have a community and support behind you? Would you like to be part of an exclusive mastermind of ambitious supportive women? 

If so keep reading..

I imagine you're an ambitious woman with lots of ideas and dreams for your business but at times it all feels like too much.. There's a million things you could be doing but you're often unsure what to be focusing on. Sometimes this leaves you doing nothing at all or keeps you busy rather than productive. You know deep down you and your business are unique, special and meant for so much more than where you are currently are, but how do you convey this to the world? How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? How do you attract a loyal following? Your own drive? How do you attract your ideal clients and stand out in, lets face it, an overcrowded market? 

I hear you! With so many 'guru's' out there saying so many different things it's hard to know where to focus!

Plus how do you find your brand, USP, attract a tribe, gain clients all by yourself? 

Let me let you in one of the biggest secrets of the successful.. you don't! All successful people have mentors, coaches and masterminds and here is your opportunity to join them.. Where do you start? 

Right here..


It’s with great excitement I introduce you to the Live Love Grow 90 day mastermind programme!! 


This 90 day mastermind programme is designed to fast track your success and is for authentic, ambitious,  passionate female entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be! 


This programme is a true mastermind in every sense of the word, with full on accountability and masterminding over 90 days where we all share our intentions, expertise and support with one another to mastermind our way to the next level! 

In case you don't know me yet I'm Kirsty an NLP Master, Entrepreneur, Mindset & Business Coach and Brand Strategist, I have mastered all of the above and more and want to show you how to do it too! 

When working 1-1 with clients, the thing I always come back to is getting them around other likeminded women. After creating a successful brand and business myself, an engaged community of women through my free private Facebook group and an epic mastermind event, I knew the next step to lasting success and transformation was to bring ALL of this together! And that’s exactly what I have done..


I found a lot of women get lost in a curriculum based group programme as it’s not bespoke to them!! Everyone comes in at different levels so to do a ‘one approach fits all’ simply doesn't deliver the same results and far to often people get lost and unnoticed. The great thing about a mastermind is that it bridges the gap between 1-1 and group, to create something tailored to each person! Everyone has their voice heard, everyone matters equally.


You’ll get all your questions answered by me and my designer husband, John Carden, as well as a team of experts who will feature throughout the programme! Every week there will be a mastermind call or a guest expert call so you will never be short of finding your next answer! Plus you can ask your questions anytime in the private members Facebook group! As well as weekly trainings and challenges all designed to give you results fast!



It is no doubt that we are who we surround ourselves with, right? But have you also noticed how successful people seem to collaborate with other successful people..? This really is one of the most essential elements to success and one of the reasons I have created this programme! Your network is your net-worth but also when many minds come together, they create a mastermind!!! Which is more powerful than one mind alone! Plus there is no greater joy than sharing the journey with those on the same journey as you and with the same mindset and values, but each with their unique gifts and expertise, and that is what we have in this 90 day mastermind programme!


Not only that but I have brought in 6 guest experts to answer your questions! So you won't just be mentored by me but a whole team!


This programme is designed so you:

  • Get into action with full accountability and mentorship

  • Build a following and tribe 

  • Refine your brand and create killer content!

  • Become visible  

  • Attract your ideal clients! 

  • And of course hit your 90 day goal! 



“Working with Kirsty 1:1 is the absolute BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself, and for my business.”

So here is what you will get..


  • Membership to a private Mastermind Facebook group

  • Full access to both me AND John via the Facebook group 

  • 6 x mastermind calls (fortnightly)

  • 6 x Guest expert calls with Q & A

  • Training and videos created on core topics (as above)

  • A Mastermind breakdown pack

  • Access to workbooks and resources to support you further

  • The most amazing cultivated community of women who are just like you!



  • Full support from me and all the other masterminds - ensuring everyone is constantly moving in the direction of their goals! 

  • Bespoke video trainings tailored around your questions and goals

  • An Invested Mastermind Partner (optional)

  • Daily accountability and preps, fun results orientated  challenges  

  • Opportunities for collaboration to fast track your success and reach! 

  • Access to engagement pods to ‘rev up’ your social media game!

  • In person meet up in October - because nothing beats meeting in person! 

6 guest experts!

As well as action-taking masterminding, you will have access to an expert in each of the following fields, fortnightly, so there is never a week without a call! So get your questions ready and notepads out as you get to speak to experts in…

1. PR

2. Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels 

3. Spirituality, mediumship - Haye House published author 

4. Photography

5. Graphic and Brand Design 

6. Personal Styling 

And of course I’m there to cover everything from brand strategy, marketing, business, manifesting mindset, motivation, wealth consciousness and more!! 

The aim of this programme is to fast track your success in 90 days to end the year on a high by focusing on ONE SPECIFIC goal, which we break down throughout the programme. All while focusing on building a following, tribe, brand and attracting ideal clients/customers! As well as creating an extremely supportive network of women who will support and propel each other! So you go away on a high, having achieved your main goal and multiple goals, a bunch of new knowledge, self belief and having created new and empowering friendships. As well as having created your very own tribe, increased your visibility, following, brand and ideal clients! 


If this sounds like the programme for you then I have created 3 options to join so it is accessible to all. 

I’ve created 3 levels to the mastermind depending on where you’re at..

“Within a few weeks of working with Kirsty, I was not only clear about who I wanted to work with and what I could offer them but went on to attract my ideal clients in with ease and grace all down to the techniques and strategies Kirsty taught me.”

The Online Mastermind Programme

Get access to everything apart from the in person event, this is perfect if you are abroad or can’t make the event on 16th December. * Apply and book breakthrough call here


Pay in full = £1800 saving £200

Payment Plan = £2000, 4x £500

Just pay deposit today and the rest of the payments will start 1st September continuing monthly

The Full Mastermind Programme

This is the full programme including meet up in October and the FULL DAY Mastermind Event on the 16th December - this day will be a full on amazing day that will be fully inclusive and have you go away with your plan for 2018 as well as a chance to celebrate what you’ve achieved together in festive style! Photography, food, drinks, everything included.

This is selling for £700 - you save an extra £300 when you buy it as part on the full mastermind programme. * Apply here

Pay in full = £2,200, save £200

Payment Plan = £2,400, 4 x £600

The VIP Mastermind programme 

Get everything above plus a 3 hour intensive with me plus fortnightly 1-1 calls with me (in between the group calls) 9 hours

1-1 total

Perfect for the woman who loves to go VIP and wants to additional and more personalised coaching - this is the ultimate fast tracker and for someone looking for personalised mentorship beyond group calls but still wants the mastermind community. * Apply here


Pay in full = £3,800, save £200

Payment Plan = £4000, 4 x £1000

Plus you've got bonuses.. 

Book now to get:


Bonus 1: 

Live Orientation!! Take part in The Kickstarter orientation process LIVE! Gain Access to the Kickstarter Pack! 


Bonus 2:

Live Love Grow your Brand; The first Steps to creating your online Brand Workbook.

Bonus 3:

Live Upgrade Workshop - with workbook! A deep dive into every area in your life and business - discover and create your first class life! 



A 25% Discount off of any brand/design work you need for the full course of the programme!


The Live Love Grow Money Manifesting Course (out Autumn) 


Want to know if this programme is for you? 

Feel free to email: with your questions. Or apply below and book your breakthrough call.

Timetable for programme:

12 weeks - Starts September 11th - finishes Thursday 7th December with the Mastermind event on Saturday 16th December. 

Orientation starts August (exact date tbc).

Now the best way to know if this is for you is to hear from the horses mouth! Here is what just a few of my clients are saying about working with me. These ladies have all worked with me 1-1, attended the mastermind and been an active member of my Facebook community so I feel they are the best to give you first hand experience of the journey that lies ahead..

What my clients are saying about my coaching and mastermind day..

"Working with Kirsty 1:1 is the absolute BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself, and for my business. Not only is Kirsty the essence of “abundance of quality”, she’s the most caring and inspiring person I’ve ever met. I know deep in my core that whenever Kirsty suggests something, get’s an impulse or come up with a new it has very high value. This woman only does things 100% and more!!!


Prior to working with Kirsty I used to be very shy, I had so many money blocks and hardly believed in myself and my ability to make a difference in this world though I kept dreaming of it. Now, whenever some of those old belief systems show up I know how to work through them AND bounce of off them. I’ve never worked with a coach that has made me expand in so many ways within such a short period of time and I just know that the only way from here is the stars and beyond! THAT’S how Kirsty works!!!!


When I look at how Kirsty is doing all of this one of the things that keeps coming back to me is the fact that Kirsty is all about creating community. We’re social animals so the power of investing in and surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to your success. As I mentioned I used to be pretty shy which was a result of years or being bullied, the the way I was raised and how I kept seeing people being pushed to doing things that didn’t make them happy from the outside world. This shyness however pretty quickly disappeared whenever I found myself in Kirstys group. 

It was like a free space for me where I could finally start to be myself and express myself in ways I had only been dreaming and thinking about possible. The more I worked with Kirsty, the more I began to show up in her group. I began to get some amazing feedback on my questions, my thoughts and my successes that I was eager to share with women who’d understand. For me, Kirstys community has such a big role in me being where I am today. It is a place where we lift each other up and that is all because of the intention, love and energy that Kirsty puts into this community every single day. 


This is also why when Kirsty mentioned creating a Mastermind Day, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was something I NEEDED to attend! Not only was the day PACKED with gold and key pieces on how to create the life and business you desire, it was PACKED with the most incredible women all from Kirstys high vibe community. Due to the story about me being shy which is a story I’ve told myself for years, I was actually pretty nervous about going. Two weeks before I flew in to London to attend I began to prepare myself mentally to being around so many new people I didn’t really know. But from the second I arrived to this Master Mind Event, the day just flew by and not once did I stop up and thought about that I was being in a room full of people I had never met in real life before – why? Because the community Kirsty has created has had us all come together in honest love and appreciation for life and the differences that we embody. 



Kirsty! You have changed my life and though the words thank you doesn’t even seem to begin to cover my gratitude for you and everything you are, I don’t know what else to say.


From the bottom of my heart and with happy tears running down my cheeks – THANK YOU!!!"

"I hired Kirsty when I was really struggling to nail my ideal client. I felt like I had been going around and around in circles for over a year. Within a few weeks, I was not only clear about who I wanted to work with and what I could offer them but went on to attract my ideal clients in with ease and grace all down to the techniques and strategies Kirsty taught me. Kirsty comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge that really allows her to go deep with you to uncover any blocks, all while devising simple strategies to get you out of overwhelm and into action. What I have noticed the most about working with Kirsty is that she goes above and beyond for her clients. She always looks to over deliver and has consistently exceeded my expectations. 


Through working privately with Kirsty, I also got the opportunity to attend her mastermind day and was totally blown away by the afternoon. From the environment to the content to the overall experience Kirsty ensued we all walked away with a plan of action. I particularly loved all the small touches which tied the day together beautifully. As a coach, the thing that stands out the most about Kirsty is her ability to live on brand in an authentic and genuine manner.


This I believe is what allows Kirsty to connect with so many women, which is evident in her community and online presence."

"I started working with Kirsty in November 2016, after knowing Kirsty (we both use to work at the same company) I was deeply inspired by her journey. During our time together I had some personal issues which meant I needed to re-evaluate some of my priorities and reassess dates for when I could launch my own business as an Executive VA, but Kirsty continued to encourage and lift me and wanted me to keep momentum. This I believe is her Unique Selling Point. I am a true believer in the statement “People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It” – Kirsty has created an amazing community of passionate and positive women and they have come to her because they believe in her “WHY” – What I learnt at the recent Mastermind event was that Kirsty is truly passionate about the success of her clients. She doesn’t take on clients for the money but she is challenged by the clients’ goals and aspirations and is determined to see her clients live, love and grow. What a great barometer for success.


I wholeheartedly endorse Kirsty as a business coach and encourage others to sign up to the December Mastermind programme/event – I truly walked away from the June event believing I have made some new friends – the #highvibetribe !"

"I really would recommend Kirsty - we all need support and advice and Kirsty has been great for so many reasons; She's genuine, down to earth, realistic and full of knowledge that can help so many aspects of my growth and business. I cannot speak high enough of her! 


When it comes to the Mastermind everything was perfect - the venue, scenery, resources, people, food, content - everything!! I love visual aids and I found the resource pack professional, organized and structured. Which made me feel calm and secure that the day would keep that amazing momentum. I highly recommend both the mastermind and Kirsty herself!"

 "Kirsty's incredible insight and ability to give direct and poignant actionable steps toward achieving life, business, and relationship goals is only the tip of the incredible work she can do. I have also experienced first hand the community of soul-based women she has built, which is something that is invaluable for an online entrepreneur. Working with Kirsty positively impacts your business on every level. From finding your niche (which is something she is SO gifted in!), to day-to-day activities that help with boosting business, to mindset and manifesting tools that skyrocket your success, Kirsty can truly do it all. I am so honored to work with her and my business has changed dramatically for the better ever since doing so."

Now the question is handed over to you.. do you want to join them?

This programme is for the woman who wants to fast track her success, create a powerful network, collaborate and have fun at the same time! If this sounds like you then come join us! It doesn't matter your goal, as long as its in line with having or creating a business. It could be anything from getting your first 3 clients, to setting up your business, to reaching your first 10k month! We will break it down in the mastermind breakdown pack and help you every step of the way to achieve your goal and go into 2018 on the highest of highs!!! 

To apply for a spot and a call back or email


Remember the bonuses run out soon and spaces are limited - So take action today! If you’re ready to take your life and business to the next level then grab your spot and I look forward to helping you make your 2017 dreams

come true.. 



*By buying now you agree to the terms and conditions as on the page.

*Payment plan - just pay deposit today and no payments will be due until 1st September, 1st October, 1st November.

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