- A New Year a New You! 

Sat 22/2 2020 in Greater London.


Ready to start that next chapter..? Do you want make this next year and decade a game changer? To Mastermind your way to a Super Successful 2020 and beyond? To have a day that supports you in taking real action and not just writing a plan? To meet as a community in person and take your life and business to the next level? (all while having A LOT of fun!) 


Then you are in the right place.. 


Yes it’s here.. (for it's 6th time!) the Mastermind Day Event!!! This VIP 5* Mastermind full day event will be taking place on no other date that 22/2 as we start a new year ready to create everything we desire and become the people we need to be to do that. 


Nothing beats an in person experience for instant transformation and you’ve got that and so much more at the Live Love Grow Mastermind Full Day Event! 

This is not some standard event but a deep interactive (and sensory) experience! The day is designed to work on both the conscious and unconscious to create profound change as we recreate your identity to match what you want - leave the past behind and step into a new successful version of you with a plan in place to get you there! 

The truth is to create something you've never created you need to become someone you've never been - consciously and unconsciously and that's just what will happen at the mastermind day... 


I’ll be taking you step by step through the mastermind day where you’ll have access to me and all the ladies who will be going deep and ‘masterminding’ your way to your next level in business and life and more importantly the bigger version of yourself as we step into a new decade and a new you!!!



Everyone who comes will be treated like a VIP - this will be a intimate experience where everyone gets heard, gets time to speak to me and gets to know one another. The experience will play with ALL of your senses which is what creates TRUE transformation while making it a one of a kind mastermind like no other out there… The results from this day speak for themselves! 


All you need to come with is with an open mind, a willingness to create greatness and an intention and everything else will be taken care of so that you not only have an incredible experience but one that will change the course of your coming year and beyond forever…




  • Your 2020 personal and business action plan with the knowledge of how to take it out of your head and into reality! 

  • Having a Bigger and clearer Vision for yourself (lack of clarity and alignment is the root to most inaction and bad decision making) 

  • Releasing things that don't serve you so you have space for the success that awaits you...

  • Ready to bring in everything you want with your big plan of action in hand.

  • Having new powerful mindset and energy changing tools (NLP and time line therapy techniques)

  • With a new friends and connections

  • New habits, energy and feeling on top of the world!! 


  • Private event room

  • Special Mastermind pack to use throughout the day and we'll create a plan for you for 2020 and beyond

  • Refreshments throughout the day including an Amazing Lunch in a beautiful, abundant environment.  

  • Masterminding and laser coaching and full process of your transformation broken down 

  • Special life enhancing goodies that are strictly secret...

  • Beautiful professional photos of the day you can use for your own social media/marketing 

  • Bonus Everyone will be sent a special bonus gift and more.. 

  • A Special Energy and Money Alignment Session with Karen Baines, conscious karmic coach! 



It’s all about the experience! The work will do on these days is powerful...

learn more by watching this video 


All the women who went to previous years events have gone on to have exceptionally amazing years and I’m sure you won’t be any different. Go to my instagram highlights or business page reviews to read what people are saying about mastermind event.


Here is just a few of things that the ladies said about the day…


“Being part of Kirsty's mastermind day was my end of year gift to myself. I'm so grateful I invested. I'm a huge fan of Kirsty's style, ethos and how she share her story. The day went super-deep into understanding self-limiting behaviour and Kirsty helps you work through these and get clear on goals for 2018 and beyond. Being part of this amazing tribe of women - all committed to creating lives they love, success and true connections - was a total privilege. I would hand on heart urge anyone thinking about this to just take the leap. Thank you Kirsty”

“Kirsty is fantastically inspiring and extremely knowledgeable! I've worked with her on a number of occasions from buying her workbooks, to joining her Online Mastermind, attending a 3 hour 1-2-1 Intensive and attending her brilliantly thought-provoking Mastermind Day in Dec 2017. All of these occasions, but particularly the Mastermind Day, have helped me understand myself better in order to move my business forward. If you want propel your business I would really recommend working with Kirsty!!”

Kate Walmsley, Life Coach

“I’d been following Kirsty for a little while and I just knew that I had to attend the mastermind day that she was holding. I wanted to gain some clarity on my purpose, and I knew I had to face some personal challenges that I had been running away from. The day was everything that I had hoped for and I got to connect with some amazing women who had huge vision! It was well worth the 3am wake up and 4 hour commute. I will definitely be working with Kirsty in the future to up my business game!”

"I had a wonderful day attending Kirsty's Mastermind. It was filled with lots of helpful and inspiring content, but more than anything a supportive friendly group of likeminded women. It was so good hearing others journeys and seeing the support we all gave to one an other. Kirsty was great at connecting with us and gave us some really great stuff to walk away with and implement in our lives. From start to finish; The venue was lovely and everyone was very friendly, welcoming and supportive.


I loved that Kirsty came round and interacted with us all at certain points too. It was great to have the break and afternoon tea, that made it more personal and not just another type of event. I really enjoyed having the accountability partner. Also just the feeling that I now know more women in the group and so its great to see them doing well and also hearing similarities on any struggles we are having. I really enjoyed the money story exercise, it really made me realise how my upbringing still affects my financial life today.

Over all it was a fantastic day and I left having connected with some amazing women and feeling totally inspired and capable to continue pushing forward with building my business.”

“I have been to a few masterminds and by far Kirsty Carden's was the best. It was an elegant and picturesque location with outstanding effort made to make everyone feel welcome. Kirsty and her team made every effort to make sure we were comfortable and catered for and the whole day flew by with all the packed out training that was provided. It was clear on the day that Kirsty wanted us to get the almost from the day which is what we all got.


For me personally I loved the way Kirsty encouraged us in a safe, fun place to explore our blocks and desires. One of the big reasons I attended was to expand my network and meet likeminded people. I gained more than that, I came home with life long friends and new ways of thinking. Kirsty has a unique way of coaching which is both caring and highly effective with her strong knowledge base on both business, mindset and branding. 


If you are looking for a mastermind day, Kirsty's is definitely one I would attend!”

"I absolutely loved the day! Everything about it was perfect - the venue, scenery, resources, people, food, content - everything!! I love visual aids and I found the resource pack professional, organised and structured which made me feel calm and secure that the day would keep that amazing momentum. I knew I had committed to something professional and planned. My key takeaways were writing a letter to my future self, spending time talking to others and sharing our ideas and passions. This really helped emphasise my own, as well as help others. I plan on attending the December one for sure!


I really would recommend Kirsty - we all need support and advice and Kirsty has been great for so many reasons; She's genuine, down to earth, realistic and full of knowledge that can help so many aspects of my growth and business. I cannot speak high enough of her!”


£450 (excludes 20% vat)

Buy now for £333 (excludes 20% vat)

Buy now before price increases

If you have any questions at all please email




Date and Location Warren House, Kingston, Saturday 22nd February 2020 9:30am - 5:30pm

All photos featured were taken at Warren House from previous Mastermind events please go to my instagram @kirstycarden or my fb Biz page to see reviews and photos to see more Mastermind events and reviews 


Where can I go to learn more?

Watch this video where we speak more about the experience and what you will be getting ;) 

Is there a way to do this with you 1-1? 

Yes as part of my VIP Intensives I do this for £3,500 however the price increases this January. Book a call here to work with me 1-1 and get the mastermind day as a gift!! Or join the mastermind day at a fraction of the cost. 

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

As per the terms and conditions on this page you can't get a refund however you can sell/gift to someone else.

What is the dress code?

Just dress is something you feel great in. 

Is this event only for women who have businesses?

No, though most women here will be female entrepreneurs. It's for women looking to take their lives and selves to the next level with a group of ambitious positive likeminded women just like them! 

What's included in the day?

Food, drink, all the resources (and some) you need and a life changing experience - basically everything you could want ;) 

Will there be a full breakdown of the day?

No because I like to keep some surprises ;) But you will get sent a basic plan of the day.  Please checkout my social media pages to hear what others said about it. Links below. 

Can I learn more about the host? 

Kirsty Carden is a Certified NLP Master, Time Line Therapist  and Mindset & Business Coach with over 3 and half years of professional coaching experiences and has been running mastermind events and programmes for 2 and a half years. 


As founder of Live Love Grow and the Female Entrepreneur Evolution, she works with ambitious female entrepreneurs to support them to create and grow successful online businesses (and lives) they love by creating the shifts in their identity they need and the strategy that supports it. 


Working with women at different stages of life and business, and supporting them via her signature mastermind program, online academy, membership site, 5* events and 1:1 work, Kirsty has been recognised by Facebook for her contribution to groups and community building, which is the heart of everything she does. 


Kirsty has been featured in numerous publications including Coach Magazine, HuffPost, Ideal Home, Boss Babes, Divine Living and HouseBeautiful.  

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