The Instagram Intensive

Are you tired of using Facebook? Stuck in groups? Over spending on ads? Feel like it’s flooded and hard to find your ideal client? Have you tried using instagram but wasn’t really sure how to create the following or look that you’re after? Where to find the images? What to post? Not sure where to find your ideal clients on there? And most importantly how to covert followers into clients? You see all these pretty cohesive profiles but no idea how to make yours look like that?

 Never fear this is why I have created the instagram intensive!! 

 I totally understand how you feel! I spent the first few months glued to Facebook working very hard but not really getting as much traction as I hoped. I was using instagram and loved it but wasn’t gaining the traction I wanted. I started thinking that instagram was just for product based companies and not services. Then I went to an event and heard two coaches, similar to myself, saying how all their clients came from instagram. I knew I had to let go of this belief and find out how to use it. So I put all my energy to learning instagram and finally cracked the code!! 


Which is why I called this Insta Success because it was literally.. 

Insta Success! 


I finally started getting the traction I was hoping for! My tribe grew, I attracted many ideal clients and was able to do social media in a way I truly enjoyed! My instagram account now grows by over 1000 per month but more importantly with an engaged following who are my tribe and target market. Many people use all the wrong tactics on instagram and think having high numbers is what it’s all about which is wrong. It’s about having an engaged community! No engagement means no clients and no one seeing any of your posts (yes the algorithm!) 

However high numbers of your target market well that's another thing.. So would you like to learn a way to attract your ideal clients? Grow your profile and tribe by thousands whatever your budget or where you are in your business? Create a profile you are proud of and reflects you and your brand? Then read on.. 

The instagram intensive is a 3 hour intensive designed to educate you on how to use instagram for your business. The intensives are tailored made to what you need but we will cover; how to attract your ideal clients to your instagram account and convert them to clients and leads. How to create a profile that is on brand while attracting your tribe and also how to create an instagram strategy that works for YOU and your whole business model. 

“Instagram is the only platform I used when setting up my business and within 6 weeks of starting I was fully booked”




What you’ll come away with:

  • A clearer idea of your brand identity on instagram and how to create it.

  • An instagram strategy to apply to constantly grow your instagram daily. Want 1000 plus instagram followers who are in your target market in the next month? I’ll show you how and how to continue this growth! 

  • How to covert followers into leads and clients.

  • An intensive Welcome and Strategy pack

  • Learn how your overall business relates to your profile & discover if there are any pieces that need working on. 

  • A content strategy plan - ideas of what you should be posting and when! 

  • A chance to get your own personal instagram template made and a free consultation with my own designer. 

How the intensive works:


Intensives can be taken in person or over Skype. If in person it will be a 2.5 hour intensive with a 30 minute follow up call or 2x90 minute calls. I pride myself on helping you get results so if questions come up I'm happy to answer these after our session via an email or quick call. 


In person sessions will be held normally on Tuesday’s or Friday’s though there is some flexibility here. 


I can’t emphasise the value of this enough, a massively grown community, list, clients you will reap the benefits in a matter of weeks if you put the actions I teach you into place. 


Of course this is just one part of your business and if other parts aren’t in place this can effect how your followers are converting which is why I will always look at this and advise and can give extra coaching on these areas if needed. 

My instagram has grown by 5000 in 4 months applying the tactics I will teach you and it continues to grow. This is the first time I have broken the exact formula down and made it into something I can teach and coach on so many more woman can experience the results I have. 

“Kirsty gave us the target to reach 1000 in a week and

by day 3 we had already exceeded it, it was incredible!”




  • You will get exclusive access to a instagram engagement pod that will help you get a further instagram reach! 

  • 5 Video trainings - to watch before our first session! 

  • Free 30 minute consultation with my high end designer should you wish to enhance your brand or create an Instagram template if you deicide to work with him you’ll get a huge 30% off his fees!


Payment Plan on Request 



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What happens next?

  • You’ll be sent an email confirming your order and asking you the best days to have your intensive.  We’ll then get a date booked in & you’ll be advised to apply the 5 day free instagram training if you haven't yet.

  • You’ll be sent your instagram welcome and strategy pack a week before our intensive which will be the basis of our intensive session. 

  • We have the session.

  • You apply the learning.

  • We have another session (if applicable) 

  • You see your instagram, tribe, business and income grow and wish you had done it sooner!! 

Any questions? Click the contact tab or email Happy to arrange a call to help you with your decision. 

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