The first steps to creating your brand

Are you looking to craft an online brand but not sure where start? Do you need help finding exactly what your message to the world is and how you will convey it? Then keep reading..

We created this first steps self study workbook as we found the biggest problem many entrepreneurs and those just starting out were having is getting clear on their brand - how they stand out? What makes them different? What are they actually saying and to who? How do they convey it? 

And if you can't convey it to yourself then your sure won't be able to convey it your idea clients (which is a bit of a problem) 

Your brand needs to be authentic, true to you, high end and cohesive throughout in order to stand out to your ideal clients, from your message to your visuals..


And this is EXACTLY why we created the First Steps to Creating your Brand

Self Study pack!

The workbook has been crafted by not one but TWO experts in the business/branding/success industries, Success Coach Kirsty Carden and Designer/Creative director John Carden.

The first steps to creating your brand workbook will ensure you will implement and have a booklet that will contains the basis on your brand; Message and visuals!



Effectively after completing the workbook you will have the basis of your brand and something you can use yourself in all parts of your business from writing copy to conveying your message through videos, images and everything else. Plus it’s also something you can hand over to your designer to create the visual parts of your brand for you! 


What are the benefits of the First Steps to creating your Self Study pack?

The Workbook goes way beyond the 33 page PDF you get. You are given the specific questions needed in order to craft your brand starting from the inside out! Links to extra resources including 2 video trainings.

The benefit for getting this self study workbook is that it you get to work in your own time and at a low cost!

Wherever you are just starting out or need to refine or up level brand this pack is perfect for you. 


The pack is designed to help you:



• Get clear on your unique qualities and what will separate you from the crowd

• Start crafting a authentic high end brand starting from the inside working out! 

• Find your brand words!

• Give you a deeper understanding of branding and how to brand yourself

• Go away knowing your brand in a nutshell 

(This includes your brand words, Mission statement, values, look and feel etc)


 The PDF workbook contains: 


  • Access to 2 brand training videos

  • Case studies done for you and those you will need to do to help you craft and shape your own brand

  • Multiple questions and sections for you to fill in.

  • Links to more resources and information on crafting your brand as well as a full brand breakdown example.

  • Your Brand in a nutshell pages (which will sum up the essence of your brand)

    Normally £75 Today £49 (save £26!)

I really do owe a lot of the success of my own brand to come from the fact I have a brand; A clear consitant message, visuals. I am always myself and 100% authentic and if I hadn't spent time developing ad creating my brand this would;t be the case.

In a world of noise it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, having a brand, a unique selling point is what will set you apart from the rest.. just like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Tiffany (I could go on all day..)

Start your journey to success today and start crafting your brand. My the end of this process you will have a clear brand message and visual concept that you can use throughout your business. You will even have 2 pages you can hand over to your designer to start crafting your visual brand as soon as you're ready. 

To learn more about my designer who co-created this product with me visit 

*Due to the digital nature of this product it is non refundable, email info@kirstycarden for any questions.

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