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-Price increases from October!  

Are you ready to accelerate the success in your life and business? Do you want to increase your impact this year? Reach more people? Create more income? Make your business more ‘you’? Stop wasting time trying to do it all yourself? 


How would it feel to be fully supported with your business and life goals? Waking up each morning clear on what you need to do each day while being surrounded and supported by positive women just like you. Imagine what you could achieve?


If you resonate with what I have just said then keep reading as I have the perfect solution for you… 

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This is a Mastermind for 6 female entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business and their self to the next level. Who want to take action and be part of a mastermind community and have constant tailored support for 3 months or more. 


The purpose of the mastermind:

Masterminds have been known to be the secret of the successful (Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich). We are who we surround ourselves with and when you combine experience, knowledge and the 4 layers of accountability, you achieve results beyond anything you could get on your own or with just one other person. 


My Mastermind will give you all the guidance, tools, structure and accountability you need for 3 months (minimum with an option to stay longer) and take you places you could never get to on your own. By being in a mastermind you’ll be able to leverage yourself quicker than you ever could before with full support, friendship and all the knowledge and mentorship you’ll need to reach your goal.


It's fun, deep and life and business changing!! (All the things!)


Who is this for:

Ambitious female entrepreneurs who may be in the early stages of business or been in business a while but are looking to take things to the next level. You need to be open to sharing, willing to take action and be an ambitious positive woman.

Why work with me?

I work on both the mindset level and business and brand strategy, therefore you will be fully supported in all the ways you need to be. If there’s anything I don’t know, I will bring in the expert! But the great thing about masterminds is we are always surrounded by them and you are one of them! 


I am a real authentic coach that gets real results for my clients and is 100% committed to the process (see results for last mastermind below). My clients start businesses, take their businesses to the next level, create more income and impact than they ever have before, and get more clients. They create businesses that are aligned with them that they love. They achieve more than they ever have before, they get visible, confident, they do things that were once ‘impossible’. They grow engaged tribes that love them and they love too, they have clear defined brands and messages, and so much more! 


I have created a successful 6 figure business, grown my tribe, leveraged my brand and so much more. I have come from nothing and experienced many set backs and fears but have still managed to create the community, business, home and love that I craved. I owe this to my mindset, taking aligned action and getting the right mentors and this is exactly what I’ll be helping you with.


I have leveraged my business so I host mastermind events, sell 1-1 services, mastermind group programmes, info products, online events and speak. 

As for my credentials I have a BA Honours Degree in Media, Culture and Communications. I am a certified and accredited coach and business strategist as well as a Certified NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist. I have over 2 years experience in professional coaching and 8 years experience working in the Media Industry (Branding, editorial, content producing, entertainment). The combination of these things and with the most important factor, my life experiences, is why I do what I do now. And I LOVE IT!! 

What you will get

  • 6 POWERFUL Mastermind calls - bi-weekly zoom virtual meetings where we go deep and you get 15/20 minutes in the hot seat and walk away with your next big action! 

  • A 90 minute 1-1 intensive with me - This is the deep dive where you will get the things you can’t get from video trainings or mastermind calls where we will deep dive and create huge changes (Time line therapy and NLP working on your unconscious mind)

  • Access to private membership site with dozens of trainings and worksheets where you’ll get trainings on everything from branding, building communities, growing and using instagram, launching and so much more! (updated for you and to your needs)

  • Done for you templates and funnels that covert over double industry standards so you can plug and play - the hard work is done for you!! 


  • Small private Facebook group with daily prompts and accountability threads! 


  • An in person Mastermind event! 


  • A Mastermind pack to break the whole process down! 

      And so much more! 


  • VIP’ s get the 1-1 experience with 6 x 1-1 calls on top of ALL of this!




You will not only have access to me but my team and designer John Carden. Do you ever find yourself stuck in your business because you don’t know how to figure out the tech? Or have the graphics you need? Well all that can be created in house taking all the worries of trying to find or communicate it to someone else (additional costs applies) 

PLEASE NOTE: This is the cheapest it will ever be able to work with me, prices will be increasing! 

Hear from past Mastermind Clients…

Learn how Holly achieved more in 3 months than in 3 years as a result of joining the mastermind as so much more! 

“My biggest worry about joining a mastermind was would I get a return on my investment? But having gone through the mastermind with Kirsty I have achieved so much in the past 3 months compared to the last 3 years of my business”

 “I no longer have cash-flow problems” 

“Working with Kirsty has been so worthwhile! I’ve made huge mindset shifts around money, which as resulted in me being on target to having my highest earning month to date within my business!”

“If you’re considering joining a Mastermind - go for it! It’s made huge changes with my business all for the better! I’ve done more with my business in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years, due to the accountability and support from Kirsty and everyone in the group!”

"Sam Hearne Anxiety and Mindset Coach went from not knowing how to make the money she desired in her business at the start of the mastermind to exceeding her monthly full time senior teaching role wage with her part time business. She has a engaged and growing tribe, a well positioned and defined brand - she is fast becoming the expert in her field, she’s  a featured writer for happiful magazine and SO MUCH MORE, watch her video to hear Sam’s experience of working with me and my husband John..

“I would absolutely recommend Kirsty. I was so nervous at first to invest in myself but I have no regrets. I have learned soooo much from working with Kirsty and feel totally ready to continue excelling with my business. Having that support from someone who's been there and knows just what to do is priceless and even better when they genuinely want the best for you.” Watch the video to learn more about Keeley experience and results from the mastermind..

“Before working with Kirsty I didn't have any branding or social media presence with my business. I now have these and a steadily growing Facebook group and Instagram account.

Kirsty is brilliant to work with, she puts so much heart and effort in to all of her work. So much so that I am continuing to work with her now 1-1. 

I've done a lot of work with Kirsty through the Mastermind and I know that I can come back to my notes and the workbooks time and time again and it will still help me develop my business. SO much value in everything that was a part of the package. 

I would definitely recommend Kirsty (already have a couple times) and I think it's about realising that you want to take things to the next level."

"Life changing. That's how I describe my 1:1 work with Kirsty for the past 6 months.

It was November of 2017 when I felt so stuck with my business that I've thought of quitting altogether and just sticking to my 9-5. It was a blessing that I was scrolling through Facebook one night when I saw Kirsty's Facebook group, The High Vibe Tribe. I became a member, checked her out, then joined her Online Mastermind. After those 5 days of being in her energy, I knew I had to work with her 1:1. 

Just a week after finalising my packages, I signed 4 clients! I had new clients and a lot of new projects from former clients since then. The clarity Kirsty has helped me achieve gave me the confidence to widen my network, partner with entrepreneurs I can only imagine of partnering with before, double my Instagram following, guest on interviews, and receive more money than I've ever had through my business.

What I loved the most was the combination of coaching and mentoring that I experienced from Kirsty. It made me dig deeper into my thoughts and feelings, and clear the limiting beliefs that stopped me from growing. I highly recommend working with her!"

(Mastermind and 1-1 client) 

"Before I started the mastermind my business partner had stepped down, this meant I didn’t have that additional person to formulate plans and ideas with. Throughout the years I have hired coaches as I find them invaluable at holding me accountable and pushing me outside my comfort. I felt called to work with Kirsty at the end of 2017 and thus attended her mastermind in person event. I knew I wanted to be in a mastermind in 2018 and it felt like Kirsty was the right coach to facilitate it.

I was perhaps a little different to some of the ladies in that I am already very visible on social media and feel very comfortable with lives. My business was already bringing in good money but I was keen to explore new business concepts and gain the opinion of entrepreneurs from outside the world of weddings.

Kirsty is an incredibly kind coach but she doesn’t hold her punches, if she thinks you avoiding a truth you can be darn sure she’ll point this out to you! And this is something I need. As a business owner I have a tendency to focus on the negative

instead of my amazing success. She will push you until you open up resulting in many light bulb moments. But aside from Kirsty having the ability to work with some amazing entrepreneurs was phenomenal, I have the upmost respect for the businesses they all run. Its been a pretty amazing 3 months, in this time my revenue has doubled from the same period last year. I launched a mini online course with just a few weeks notice selling 11 places, Kirsty made me realise that not all the training I offer has to be “complicated”. She worked with me on a sales strategy to transfer my flagship course into an online version which has just gone live, she constantly encouraged me even when technology made me unsure at times. The training available through the membership site was incredibly helpful and I loved that I could dip in and out and select whatever module was helpful to me at that time.

I’ve always worked with coaches in one form or another, I actually feel as entrepreneurs its important to have someone to hold us accountable, but also someone that can bring new concepts to your business.I have undertaken 121 coaching, group coaching, masterminds and a mastermind day. If you’re considering woking with a coach choose whatever format works best for you at this time and make sure you connect with the coach."

"Before joining the mastermind I was feeling overwhelmed with work, and didn't seem to have enough time to work on my business, as well as in it while also finding time to do the things I need to do to look after my own health. Cooking healthy food, exercising etc. I was confused about my next steps, I knew I wanted to launch a group program but I had been putting it off.

I had a business, FB page, FB group and Instagram page. I did have reservations investing in a coach, it was a lot of money. But I was intrigued and I knew I needed a big push. I also believed that Kirsty would have some really interesting people in the mastermind and it was important to me to get around the right people who would help me move forward.

It's been a lovely experience, we were so lucky to have a fantastic group of women come together and the connection was powerful.
As a result I'm clearer on my message, I feel clearer on what I need to do and also what I don't need to do. I've got myself some help (a VA and admin assistant) to reduce overwhelm and make sure I spend more time doing the things I want to do, I have better work/life balance now. I launched my group program and sold 24 spaces which is more than double what I aimed for and have been booking clients who truly are my ideal clients, and who I love working with. 


I feel less overwhelmed and more confident in my ability to make a good living from doing what I love but without working all hours and I'm feeling less overwhelmed than I did before. 

Being an entrepreneur can be really lonely and it's not always easy to be objective about your own business and the decisions you're facing. I've also learned that your friends don't always have your best interests at heart, whereas a coach and mastermind group have a completely different objective.


Nargis had a successful Photography business that she expanded on since our time together, read Nargis’ experience here:



“I joined Kirsty mastermind program over the summer. At the time my business was gaining momentum and I wanted to take things to the next level by growing a community and increasing engagement. I really love her style of coaching, she’s very real and practical. Gives you tools you can use straight away to get results. 


Learning how to increase engagement was key for me. It has helped me hit targets and get clear about my next steps and creating more products to sell. I feel more confident to just go for it and not overthink things. 


If you want practical advice that works then go for Kirsty!”

“I was starting to feel a bit lost, stuck and full of doubt regarding my business and what direction to take it in so I decided to join Kirsty’s 3 month Mastermind group. I was attracted to Kirsty as a coach as I loved how action focused, driven and full of warm, uplifting energy Kirsty was in all her Facebook group lives and videos. 


I had set up Bloom Illustrations 7 months prior to working with Kirsty. Instagram was my main social media platform but I had been stuck at around 700 followers for a few months and felt like I was never going get beyond that. Which was really disheartening for me because as a hugely visual brand Instagram is really important to me in terms of raising visibility, securing commissions and creating inspiring and valuable connections and collaborations. 


Kirsty is always incredible warm, approachable , full of inspiring and tangible tips and action plans to get you making the most of yourself and your business. She also has such a ‘can do’ mindset that rubs off on you and has helped me unlock my brand and where I want to take it next.


My Instagram page has gained more followers in the last couple of months than it did in the whole first 7 months of my business - and it is more engaged and bringing in more commissions as well as raising my visibility.


I have a more confident and unstoppable mindset regarding my business, as well as a lot more focus, and a clear action plan of how I want to build my business. I have also met an incredible, warm hearted and inspiring group of like minded female entrepreneurs and we provide each other with invaluable support which is brilliant!  


If you are feeling stuck and doubting yourself/ your business I can highly recommend Kirsty as a coach who will reignite your excitement, confidence and belief in yourself and your business. She gives you not only the encouragement and inspiration but also action focused tools, advice and strategies to start making your dreams into plans!”

 Click here to go to my business page and read my latest reviews and watch my other client testimonial  videos 

Lastly I just want to leave you with this.. Two and a half years ago I was in a bad place in my life and was searching for someone to help get me out of it. As soon as I put that intention out there my first ever mentor appeared. I worked with her for a year and my whole life and business changed forever. 


There is a saying that ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’ and I have found this throughout my life to be true.


I don’t know what brought you to this page today. But what I do know is everything happens for a reason, including the fact you are reading these words right now. 


It’s now up to you to take the next step.. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have created this free training for you that shows you how you can be more visible, create more impact and income now, here you will also learn a lot more about the mastermind and why it's different to everything else out there. You should also find it answers many of your questions. 

click here to watch 

When does the Mastermind start?

8th October for 12 weeks! 

Can I get more details on the trainings I get access to?

Yes for a full breakdown look at the The Female Entrepreneur Evolution Academy where it breaks down all the trainings for you. 

I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to do this?


Will you ever have enough time to do this..? Or anything else.. When it comes to making changes and taking ourselves or our businesses to the next level we rarely get a magic pot of ‘the right time’. It has been with my experience that the only time we can make changes and create results is to go for it now - when you take action now, you become resourceful and find the time. 

Plus I will help you use your time better so you can maximise your time while in the mastermind and after.

ALL past mastermind clients battled this and all created more results in 3 months than they ever had before! 



What time will the calls be?


5pm GMT London time every other Thursday. This can change sue to the call time that works best for the Mastermind. 

When is the in person Mastermind happening?


The exact date/location will be decided the first week of the mastermind according to what works best for the mastermind.

How do I learn more about Masterminds?

Watch my free training here

You can Google them and here is a great short you tube video about how powerful masterminds are by Jack Canfield

Note: we are currently updating client journeys from the past mastermind  read more reviews here. 

In the meantime here are the some of the results mentioned in the last Mastermind call: 

  • Making the most money they've ever made in their businesses

  • Achieving ALL the goals they set at the beginning of the programme.

  • Having more clarity than ever before and making massive life and business changing decisions!

  • Starting a new course and selling 24 spaces and 2 1-1 spaces from one webinar! 

  • Creating and doing things in their business they had put off till then

  • Getting visible, growing their online platforms and connecting with more people.

  • Highest earning days, months

  • Massive mindset shifts/money mindset shifts.

  • Being constantly 'sold out'

More questions??

Just email we will be happy to help. 


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