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An Accredited Transformational Online Business Coaching & Implementation Programme for Service Based Female Entrepreneurs

Coaches, Therapists, Counsellors, Healers, Practitioners, Trainers and Alike…

Imagine how it would feel to know 6 months from now you were finally making the impact and income you want with your business online in a way that feels great for you. That all those things you keep putting off were done and working for you. That you felt clear, confident and had more time and energy. And like you had finally fully stepped into your purpose, your next chapter. Well it’s all possible without the struggle, without the procrastination and without wasting a moment more more of your precious time and money on things that do not work for you. Let me show you how… 



You’ve had your fair share of hard times yourself and this has inspired what you do now (or want to do). You know that everything you have been through has led you here, and you know you have so much more to give, you really want to change more lives and help more people but you aren’t quite sure how yet… 


You love to learn but can get caught up so much in the background work, overthinking, learning, and planning, feeling overwhelmed that you don’t do enough of what you truly need to - going out there and taking the right action.


Because deep down there is a part of you that still doesn't feel good enough, qualified enough and that part of you keeps you stuck, in this cycle, procrastinating, lacking confidence and not moving forward.



How about you not only learn and grow yourself, adding more accreditations to your belt (I know you love that) but we get you out there taking the right actions for you so you truly transform not only your life but the lives of so many other people - doing what you were made to do?


How about we find the perfect strategy, message, mission and programmes that are in full integrity to you and your audience? So that you can go out there and create the impact and income you were born to create…

And all while transforming you at the same time!



That will give you everything you need to create

a successful & sustainable online business…

✔ From the mindset, you need to succeed 


✔ To align yourself energetically with what you truly want and is in integrity for you. 


✔ To the full-on step-by-step strategy of what you need to do and focus on and when!! 


✔ So that you can create the impact & income you desire with full integrity.


Sinéad Carroll

Founder of Mini Media 

“I couldn’t recommend working with Kirsty enough, my whole business has totally transformed since joining the Academy and coming to the Mastermind day. And I had my first 6 figure year in business working half the hours I did before"


OBC Academy

Is the first fully CPD-accredited transformational business training & coaching programme designed to help you grow a successful business online while growing yourself at the same time! 


It’s all taken care of and in one place having experts come to you so you don’t need to join yet another programme! This is the ONLY CPD Accredited Online Business Academy Programme in the UK. Where you will not only get training and support to grow an online business but mindset, energy and environmental changes  and personal development throughout to really create the massive shifts you need to create exceptional and lasting results.

Think of this programme as working for you in 5 ways at the same time:


You get to fully realign and create your business how you want, by implementing an aligned strategy that works as you scale your business impact and income!


You will be growing personally because you can’t grow your business without growing yourself. We will be making constant unconscious mindset upgrades, we use exercises, practices and habits to transform how you think, feel and the actions you take.


You get in the container for success and have a new network of support - anything you need support with will be provided in one place - a fully holistic and transformative business and mindset support programme tailored to you and your needs!


You get a full CPD accredited certification with points to certify you, giving you more credibility and ensuring you action the programme.


Your actioning and implementation of the programme is fully supported not just learning - so you integrate change and take action that creates results!






throughout the whole programme:

INTEGRITY - Your integrity and alignment are core - For you and your Audience so that you can stand out amongst the crowd and attract your ideal clients in a way that works for you and them!

INCOME - Scale and earn more money in less time as we package up your perfect programmes so that you can impact more people but work fewer hours. 

IMPACT - So that you are seen in the right way that works for you, by the right people so that you can confidently share your message

INTEGRATION -  Transformative & Holistic Unconscious and Conscious change so that you truly create lasting results at the mindset & cellular level. 

IMPLEMENTATION - Activate through Action - High-Level Accountability & Implementation Focus so you create results and don’t just learn about them.

We've have been helping 100s of women successfully for the past 7 years through:

Organic growth 

Holistic & Transformational Approaches 

Accredited Training 

Aligned & Integrity led Strategy

Scaling Successfully in a Sustainable way

To 6 Figures and beyond 


This is for you if you want to...

​✔ Grow and scale a business that feels amazing and is aligned and integral to who you truly are and what you can help your audience with.

​✔Stay away from generic strategies telling you how to grow your online business and want to co-create a way of doing business that works for you.

​✔Transform your clients' lives while also transforming your own.

​✔ Want to go from just learning to doing. And integrate and implement the changes you need to make your business and personal goals a reality? (and not waste money on another programme) 

You want to create consistent income (NOT just sales)

​✔The Academy is for you if you’re starting a business or already have a business but haven’t hit 6 figures (per year) YET! 


You are ready to package up your genius so you can create an impact, and an income with integrity

You want a mentor who cares about you and your results and will also give you the kick up the bum to take action! 

This is NOT for you if...

You have no interest in community or making an impact.


​✘You aren’t willing to invest in yourself or your business.

You don’t want to take consistent action or are a negative person. 

You’re a man… (sorry this is just for the ladies!) 

You are in business just for the money or want a get rich quick scheme 

If you do not value integrity and honesty 

If you aren't comfortable with having a mentor and coach who will lovingly call when you out when it's needed to help you get results and truly transform 

If you have no sense of humour 

If you are disrespectful and hold prejudices 

If you aren't open minded


The Academy has been running over 5 years helping 100s of women create and grow themselves and business online. I created it after I saw so many bad business coaching training programmes out there. Clients would come to me after joining programmes that promised the world but didn’t deliver results. And I experienced this myself too. Often people that weren’t qualified to teach but they said or more often than not were more concerned with hitting their own revenue goals than really helping their clients. I wanted to create an integrity led programme, that cares about their clients and their results - which is exactly what I did.

But last year I felt this huge need to shift everything up and take things to another level after working on it for many months and taking what works from my mastermind, 1-1, workshops and Academy to create something truly special like nothing else out there!

One of the things that is missing on most online programmes is how to you take knowledge and implement it into your everyday life! How do you integrate the changes so you get the results? This is how the Academy is different because we do! 


Most programmes just teach you stuff and often it’s their way of doing things, they don’t show you how to implement it and it’s not accredited by any governing body or even proven to work!! We are! 


Too many coaches and mentors try to push you to do things that aren’t a fit for you and your personality style - we help you (re)create a business that is in complete integrity to you! 


The OBC Academy is a fully accredited programme - this means you can now get a certification with the CPD and many points too! Plus get the reassurance everything has been overseen to ensure that it delivers the results it says it does. 




Well, I think the most important part is the results my clients get and why they work with me so scroll down in a moment and have a read because they will tell you better than I will! (By the way, I have a super high retention rate most of my clients work with me over and over again which is something I want to help you do too)


I very much keep things REAL, an integrity led coach that gets real results for my clients and is 100% committed to the process! I attract an incredible community of women - and we are whom we surround ourselves with so you are going to want to get around these ladies too ;) 


I’ve created a 7 figure business (I LOVE) in a way many haven’t, mainly organically. I have worked with multiple mentors and invested heavily in my own mentorship and top-notch coaching! 


As well as working on aligned business strategy I have a results focused approach while working on your mindset, energy and environment too. My partner does branding and we bring in experts to cover any other areas you need, so you will be totally supported in all the ways you need in one place.


I’m a certified and accredited coach, a Certified NLP Master, and Time Line Therapist and a speaker. I have a BA Honours Degree in Media, Culture, and Communications. I have 7 years of experience in professional coaching and mentoring and a CPD registered company. I’ve worked with 100s of women through my mastermind, Academy, 1-1 work and workshops and events and 1000s via my digital products. I have been recognised by Facebook for my contribution to Groups (and invited there) and was the Cover Coach of Coach Magazine and been featured on other publications like Huffpost. I have an online audience of over 50,000. I co-authored a best selling book.  I host Chart topping Self Help Podcast TRANSFORM with Kirsty Carden.


But basically, if you want a coach that is ALL IN, is qualified, gets results, and will make you feel like you can achieve anything, motivate and always bring the best out of you and bring the energy - I’m your gal! 



Owner of Jakins Interiors 

“I was terrified to invest but after joining the Academy made more in 3 months than my previous year in businessFor anyone considering the Academy.. Just do it and take full advantage of all the information given. If you want something different you have to do something different, right?"



BONUS Sections: Expert Sessions, Energy & Environment Change, Mindset Mastery, Fast Track Section, Tech Support.



Module 1 - Successful Foundations & Aligned Vision Creation

You’ll be creating the foundations to success, this includes creating a great relationship with money and setting your money goals, goal setting, going deep into you and what you truly desire and want from your business, understanding your personality type, having all your systems in place and expanding your wealth mindset and more! 

Module 2 - Your Brand and Business Vision

We will create or define your clear and integrity led brand identity and business vision so that you can stand out from the crowd. You will also learn all the different and complimentary ways that you can make (more) money online!


Module 3 - Your Ideal Client and Target Market

Here you will define your actual ideal client, target market and niche! You will also learn how to conduct proper target market research to ensure your service or product are a success and of course you will be doing it. You will create your client boundaries.

Module 4 - Creating your Perfect Product Pipeline & Programme to Success

Here you will learn how to create irresistible offers in our 'How to create and package irresistible offers and packages' training as well as creating your Perfect Product Pipeline! And mapping out your Success Path for your programmes so that your clients can see the huge value of the transformation you are creating for them (and you too!)



Module 5 - Audience Attraction & Strategy Creation

We will be taking everything you’ve done so far and start to create your personal simplified strategy as well defining your offers. We start to plan out the next steps based on your findings and how everything will work perfectly together. You will learn all about how you can attract an audience your way and picking the perfect way that suits you! 

Module 6 - Content Creation

Everything is content! So we will start by creating your very own Signature System so you can do presentations and content with ease! You will learn how to create a variety of different content your way, what to post where and when and how to tell your story in a way it speaks to your audience and so much more! 


Module 7 - Social Media

You are going to learn how to use social media the right way, all the different social media platforms and their primary uses, how to create a social media calendar and how to create great live videos. Again picking the platforms that are in alignment to you and your audience.

Module 8- The Perfect Funnel and Lead Offer

You will learn how to create the perfect funnel to attract your ideal clients including high converting lead offers. How to create an opt in page that converts. I will also give you these pages to make it super easy and quick for you to get results fast! 

Module 9 - Email Marketing

Learn how to use effectively use email marketing including the types of emails to send, subject lines that convert, how to build your list (and why this is important) and more. Plus create your perfect email sequence so your business is working for you when you aren't!



Module 10 Everything Sales

It’s time to go deeper into everything you need to know about selling and make some sales!! We cover how to constantly attract clients, conduct effective sales calls, create breakthrough sessions, how to make sales this wee, plan your sales in a month, how to sell energetically, organic sales and more! 

Module 11 Sales Objections

Learn how to deal with sales objections BEFORE they happen and in a way that's ethical and in integrity. You also learn my secret to 100% sale calls conversions in the 5 part training.

Module 12- Sales Pages that sell and websites

Here I go into detail on how to create a high converting sales page, I give you a full breakdown and even templates that are done for you :) We also cover what you need to create a great website


Module 13 - Launch & Evergreen Strategies to bring in consitent clients 

How to launch your programme, product or business! You will be given the strategies you need to launch and we also cover online challenges in depth as well as webinars. Evergreen methods (selling all the time).

Module 14 - Coaching, Communication & Transformational Skills

Everything is communication, here you will learn how to communicate better with clients (and others) coaching and NLP skills and how to create more transformation and influence.

Module 15 - Client experience, ascension, reoccurring clients 

The best way to create a brand/business that lasts time is to have clients and customers that keep working with you and recommending you, here I will show you how.


Here is what you get:


2 x month group mentorship  & feedback Calls

2 x 1 hour* calls a month!! So that you always have me there to answer your questions and personalise everything to you! Plus learn even more from everyone else’s question to enhance your knowledge all the more! *Calls do not end till everyone walks away with what they need. 

VALUE =£7500


A full membership with all trainings, workbooks and scripts you need so you have everything you need to start and take your business to the next level - dripped weekly and tailored!

VALUE =£5000


Monthly Implementation Sessions - Because most of the reason people don't complete programmes is lack of implementation.

VALUE =£2000


Done for you super high converting templates and funnels, sales pages, group opt-in, challenge opt, and tutorials on how to use and adapt them so you are ready to go straight away all the hard work is done for you! (this speeds up your timeline massively!)

VALUE =£5000


Small private Facebook group with daily prompts and challenges so you never feel alone and get that extra accountability!  Collabs, pods all the boost and grow your profiles quicker and gain more credibility faster!



The only mentor in the UK offering accredited services & certification in this way. All content is checked to ensure it meets the results it sets to achieve

- Stand out from crowd

- Recognised and needed by professionals

- Instant boost in integrity, credentials



Videos and Audios to instantly change your state, creating new habits and everything holistic to support you with truly transforming and doing business YOUR way. While integrating the daily practices to make it a habit!

VALUE =£750



Mindset is everything and therefore you have a selection of audios to get you confident, increase your ability to make money, get you in flow state and more!

VALUE =£250


The biggest thing I see my ladies get stuck with is tech and funnels so you have broken down training on how to build your funnels, connect payments and so much more!

VALUE =£250


Make Organic Sales NOW, Learn the quickest ways to make sales and bring in clients so that while you are going through the programme you can still create quick results! (Lets make your money back ASAP)

VALUE =£500


To ensure you implement everything and to create new habits and the best results




Energetic money alignment - 

7 steps to open your income receiving channels.



5 Ways to Create On- Brand Cultivating Copy that Turns Browsers in Buyers



How to raise your visibilty on LinkedIn.



How to send more emails people love that make you sales.



PR Masterclass; How to get pitch perfect.



Financial empowerment for women in business.



Start and Grow a Successful Podcast



Heart centred selling into corporates + small businesses.



Spiritual drawing board visualisation.

Plus -








However when you buy Today

you will get an AMAZING DISCOUNT...



The whole program is accredited by the CPD accreditation service which adheres to a higher standard of training and ensures you get the outcomes the program specifies. 


You get a higher level of accountability and get your own certification and CPD points. 

You will need to prove you have implemented all of the training which also means greater results are achieved too.


Join the...



Get now:£3,900


6 X £897
Get Now:
6 X £687

The program is at a super low rate for this time only and the price will be going up after this launch!!


*You have nothing to lose and if you don't AT LEAST make your money back after 6 months you can stay until you do!*




NORMALLY £8000 GET it for just £6500 PLUS the full Academy at no extra cost!!

6 hours 1-1 plus phone access for you in between.




6x 1111



Best price (super discount) - this time only 


Co-create with me - have input on the training.

Smallest group - personalization. 


Economy - take control of your finances and future.

 Now is the only time - you are here for a reason.  

And thats not all..


Not only will you get access to me and 'experts on demand' but my partner in crime Senior Brand Consultation & Designer John Carden. Who will be there to answer your questions on anything branding. 


Not only that if you need any help with creating your brand, website, opt-in pages etc it’s all here!! 

So how are you feeling right now..? Are you excited? 

Are you ready to turn the page and start a new chapter in your story? 

I know starting something new and investing in yourself can be a scary thing, I’ve experienced it (my first coaching programme was $14,500!) and so have 100s of my clients. So rather than listen to me, listen to them, their successes and how they felt when they were right where you are now! 



Full video on my Facebook business page: Kirsty Carden - Business Coach

"I finally created the course I have ‘said’ I would for so long and signed up 4 times the amount of people I expected, charging more. I would have never done that without Kirsty’s support!” 

Learn how Sinead doubled her income working half the hours, creating her first 6 figure year. 

Learn how Gill made £20,000 in just one of our sales implementation sessions! 

Learn how Suzanne went from stuck to consistent 20k Months, a full product suite, effortless sales and amazing experience with life long friends 

Learn how Jo a Virtual Assistant went from completely stuck and burnout to having clarity feeling happy, having her highest month easier and her experience of the mastermind environment

Alison, Counsellor and Owner of Unique Minds, hear about her incredible results, how she got her business fully online, created her first group programme and constantly had her highest months in business and the importance of the friendships, right people and energy we create! 

Here is lots of clips of different clients and their experience to save space on this page ;)



"Investing in the academy was the best thing I’ve done"

I came across Kirsty’s Instagram account after qualifying as a Health & Mindset Coach and wanting to start my business. I had no idea where to start and was feeling quite overwhelmed and blocked with what I needed to do to get going.

I am so much clearer now than I was when I first started. I feel more and more confident every day, I’ve learnt to embrace the tough times as these often lead to breakthroughs, I have a total of 4 clients (I have a full time corporate job and I started with none) and I’ve only been established since May 2022. Investing in the academy was the best thing I’ve done. By taking inspired action (even if its not perfect) has helped me learn and grow as a coach and gain the confidence that I can do this.

Just go for it! All those feelings of self doubt you’re feeling at the start of setting up a business will go! I promise you! Kirsty’s values are all about love, growth and connection which is what life’s’ all about right? The academy has a lot of modules to get through and Kirsty makes them fun and interesting as she brings her humour into it. She’s honestly the best business coach I’ve come across.



"My investment in myself not only allowed me to start my coaching business which I now hold a wait list for 1:1 clients but also moved me forward in my corporate career"


I have worked with Kirsty during 2022, attending a three day workshop followed by six months in Kirsty's Academy and ending the year on a high with another day workshop.


Kirsty has supported me to get really clear on my vision and guiding me through the online platforms that I share content & make connections. Kirsty's energy is Incredible & infectious. Kirsty has worked very hard to pull my vision out of me to allow me to work in complete integrity, from day one of the academy I started to attract new clients that were in complete alignment with my values.


My investment in myself not only allowed me to start my coaching business which I now hold a wait list for 1:1 clients but also moved me forward in my corporate career. I highly recommend Kirsty if you are looking to get really clear and take action, when you work with Kirsty expect lots of laughter and fun and a huge amount of honesty.


When Rowena she started she was lacking confidence, in a (science) teaching job she no longer liked and was yet to qualify as a homeopath. 


Since joining Rowena has:

•Quit her job as a teacher to work full-time in her business

•Become a qualified homeopath 

•Created an incredible brand and community

•Exceeded her monthly income targets. Made more in her new business than her teaching role!

•Got visible and on video (this was her worse nightmare)

•Plus the work she does truly is helping and saving lives!


And so much more! She now has a purpose-built office and clinic she works from at the back of her house and in Harley Street!



I recently took part in the 4-month Academy with Kirsty.


My main objective was to launch a similar group programme in relation to LinkedIn for my business My Super Connector. I enjoyed the online training, Zoom calls & implementation sessions and the accountability/support in the close-knit FB Group.


By the end of the 4 months, I've far more clarity/focus, have learnt about new tech AND I've successfully launched The LinkedIn Thrive Academy (an 8-week programme for female coaches, consultants and trainers and now a high-end 1-1 programme). 


I've managed to increase my ROI x 3 times and believe that this is only the beginning! Thank you, Kirsty! 



I am a beauty salon owner with 15 years of experience. I have decided to join Academy because I felt like I lost the passion for my business and my work. 


Since joining the Academy I became an employer. Since I opened the business, I did everything myself from the treatments to social media and accounts. Now I employ four people. Also, after joining the academy, I developed my brand, and I have a clear vision of my perfect client. I also have decided to start working with network marketing to build my brand by using and consuming natural products. 


The program was well structured. I enjoyed calls where I could talk to Kirsty and other members of the academy to share my experiences, Get information and advice. The great adventure was to know other members and their ideas and vision for their businesses. 


If you are ready to find out the real you and are not afraid to invest in your business and yourself, I would definitely recommend the Academy.



Learn how Brand New Coach Rebecca went from ‘no idea what to do' and no business to launching her business online and getting 3 clients in just 3 months!’ 


Before working with Kirsty and joining the Academy I was at the very start of starting my coaching business, I was not very visible on socials and I didn’t have any kind of direction of where to go or how to go about doing things. I decided I needed a coach to help point me in the right direction and when I came across Kirsty it was like she was speaking to me through the computer and she just had a presence to her that I knew we would be a good fit.


The most tangible result I’ve had while working with Kirsty in the Academy was being able to clearly define my brand, my message, and my niche market. I am now a lot more visible, comfortable, and confident on social media. I have worked with 3 new clients and have a couple more potential ones in the works right now. Of course with that comes more money (which I have created a few mantras around that I say to myself every day) and I feel more confident in offering my services at the rate at which they are because I know I am worth it!


Since joining the academy I feel 100% more confident in myself as a businesswoman and a lot more in alignment with whom I’m truly meant to be. If your looking for someone to help you grow and build your business to the next level then you have found the right woman. Kirsty is so knowledgeable, inspirational, and down to earth. You won't just be getting a coach when you work with her you will also be getting an amazing community of like-minded women and maybe some lasting friendships as well!”

Shamoni Gilani.JPG


Learn how Shamoni hit 6 figures in her business within her first year of business and so much more… 


Working with Kirsty has been a very important step toward my business success. First of all, she was my first high-end coach whom I invested in at a time when I was totally uncertain about how I was going to run my business and was suffering from various health symptoms at the time that kept me housebound for a couple of years. 


I was also very much uncomfortable about being on Camera back then. However, hearing Kirsty's encouraging comments helped me accept myself more and I remember doing my first video for the Female Entrepreneur Academy Facebook group was all part of the process of blossoming into my confidence to show up visibly. 


I then went to being more visible and got myself out there bit by bit and now don't have any qualms about doing Facebook lives, in fact on some days.. I've even done 3 or 4 a day! Through the Academy and the Mastermind day, it was an opportunity to connect with some lovely ladies some who have proven to be an important part of my growth I managed to hit 6 figures within a year of working with Kirsty, and it's been great to have a positive role model for a female-driven business who has both strategic and business know-how with the heart to match it for both mindset and emotional support.



Learn how Rosie went from having 1 client to 6 during the Academy!


“I found Kirsty by chance through Facebook on her group. I was at a stage in my business where I was making very little money, I had no brand to speak of, and my confidence was at an all-time low - especially when talking to prospective clients about money. During Kirsty’s course, I was able to pin down my ideal client, hone my visual brand and messaging as well as improve my money confidence. I knew I needed help to get myself going or I would always wish I had tried.


Before working with Kirsty I had a website that no one visited (now they do!) I had an Instagram page with limited engagement and very few clients.



Whilst working with Kirsty I have gone from 1 client to 6 clients, even better I’m almost fully booked. I have created a Facebook group filled with people who are interested in what I do. I have created an online course teaching others all about their social media so that their business can skyrocket like mine!


I am clearer in my message. I know what to say to people - even my friends - when they ask what I’m doing with my life. I’m happy that I know what my next moves are and how to achieve them. If you are thinking of joining the Academy I would just ‘Do it' Kirsty has a calming influence that helps you learn. Nothing is too silly to ask and she will help you overcome whatever blocks you have from your money story to your tech knowledge.”


So are you ready to say YES?

Yes to investing in your business? Yes to you? Yes to your Success? Yes to no longer accepting less? Yes to creating your dream?


Because if you've got this far I have a feeling you are

more than ready…

Lastly, I just want to leave you with this… 7 years ago I was in a bad place in my life and was searching for someone to help get me out of it. As soon as I put that intention out there my first ever mentor appeared. I worked with her for a year and my whole life and business changed forever. 

There is a saying that ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’ and I have found this throughout my life to be true.

I don’t know what brought you here today. But what I do know is everything happens for a reason, including the fact you are reading these words right now. 


PAY IN FULL £3,900*

MONTHLY = £687*X6


PAY IN FULL = £6500*

MONTHLY = £1111* X6


If you don't AT LEAST make your money back after 6 months you can stay until you do!*


Why is this different to anything else out there?

For many reasons but the biggest ones being: It has a holistic approach - everything you need to support your business and mindset in one place from me and the experts. It's Transformative - works on unconscious mind and actions to integrate real change. It's tailored to you and your needs and is not a one size fits all approach or strategy. It has a massive implementation focus - not just learning but DOING. It's CPD accredited and conforms to a higher standard of training and able to give you CPD points points and certification. It's a proven system and the types of women in these programmes are amazing too. Plus as a mentor and coach I really care and get results for my clients. And we keep the numbers capped so you get a more intimate experience and real time with me! 

Can I join now/when does it start?

Yes you can join now. The Academy is an evergreen programme so you can start when you want to start!

What is CPD accreditation? And why is it important?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. CPD is a holistic approach towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout a professional’s career/business. Employers and professional bodies will often look to see is a CPD certificate recognised by a known CPD accreditation service, as this helps to ensure online courses have been reviewed and benchmarked to a suitable standard of Continuing Professional Development. However many employers and clients are increasingly embracing applicants who have studied online courses if they can prove that the learning platform is reliable. The CPD Certificaton Service is the world's leading and largest CPD accreditation service, with over 25 years’ experience supporting training providers across all industry sectors. It is also recognised internationally.

How do I sign up? 

Apply and book a 20-minute call with me so we can check it's the right fit for you and what option would be best and then you sign you up :)

How is this different to your previous FEE Academy? 

I have taken the best of everything I do and what I have seen work in my masterminds, events and here and put it all together. There is new content, new sections, new and updated modules. Live Guest Expert Sessions (these were just for my mastermind before) the period of time is now 6 months as this is the optimum time for results. It's fully accredited and will be hosted on a new platform. There is a greater emphasis on the holistic side of changing your habits, environment and mindset too. 

I'd really like to join but now isn't the best time, when can I join next?

You can join this round up until 20thh Feb latest before doors close and we start, this means you secure the lowest price, smallest group and get to have an influence on content new too. The doors will likely open again in a couple of months and it will be open to join (evergreen) however not at this current super low price. If you know you want to join in the next few months/this year you can hold your space and the discounted rate by paying a deposit payment. Message on the chat to find out more. 

Can I sign up without booking a call?

YES. It's important to me it's the right fit for you and me so I would recommend coming to the taster session (you can book from there) or Apply using the application and say in notes 'no call'  ouse the 'lets chat' feature to let me know you would like to join and I can send you direct links to join from there (once we confirm it's right for you!) 


This is such crazy value, how come? 

I know right! You are literally getting all the tools and resources and support to create a successful online 6 figure business and are paying a fraction of that, it doesn't quite add up right? But here's the thing.. I am doing this to support more women in a time they need it, which is why it's crazy value and I know when you get results and want more support you will know where I am :) But the price does increase after this month when it launches again, therefore this is a limited offer and I won't be giving this option again and the price will increase to £5000


I'm not sure if this is a 'good time' with the recession and everything happening... 

You know what, this makes it a perfect time! Firstly let me tell you my own, my clients and my peer's businesses that are online are all doing amazingly right now. Masses of people are online and looking for support and services. But by having your own business is the only way you can be fully responsible for your future and earnings. Plus you can diversify your income streams so you aren't relying on one! Many successful businesses started in recessions and if you have been made redundant, have your business very offline or haven;t been earning consistent income from your business now really is the time to go all in and make it happen! 


When are the live calls with you?

We vote for this the first week so it's a day that works for the whole group :)  It's always lunchtime or end of the day.


If I miss calls, is there any other way I can catch up later?

Yes, all calls are recorded, and you can pre-summit questions and ask in the week! I ask to keep them all in the group as this will benefit the group - you will find most people will ask questions you would ask too therefore you will benefit from the questions of others


Does the academy provide everything I need to set up a business?

Of course, and in your own way! I don’t hold anything back!! I want you to be as successful as you can be therefore, I’ll give you all the latest and best information that is currently working in the business. I believe highly in mentorship so am always learning the best strategies as far as business and mindset. And we are CPD registered and certified so you will get the best-accredited training.


I have questions where can I go

Email I will personally answer any of your questions. Or just use the chatbot on the page and I will answer you from there :) If you are sure you want to join and would like to speak to me personally book a call. 


How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

It will depend on your time and what your goals are, the more you put in the more you get out. But dedicating just a few hours a week will be enough to give you results for this programme.


Tell me more about the amazing satisfaction guarantee?

If you don't at least make your money back in 6 months you can stay until you do - that is how confident I am!! So the programme essentially costs you nothing and gains you everything - it's an investment not an expense! But of course you need to be invested!  This is based on you doing the work and implementing the programme as it's created, this is covered in the terms and conditions and explained when you join.


I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to do this.

Will you ever have enough time to do this..? Or anything else… When it comes to making changes and taking ourselves or our businesses to the next level we rarely get a magic pot of ‘the right time’. It has been my experience that the only time we can make changes and create results is to go for it now - when you take action now, you become resourceful and find the time. 

Plus I will help you use your time better so you can maximise your time while in the Academy and after.


ALL past clients battled this and all created more results in 3 months than they ever had before! Please read the success stories above. 


Will there be additional costs associated with the programme? 

Not to the programme no. In creating or having a business you will always need to invest in it. However I am going to show you how you can do this with minimal spending, you won't need to do paid ads for example. 


I really want to join but I don't know how I'll afford it, what do you suggest I do?

I would ask how can you not afford to do this. You are receiving over £25,000 of value for just only £3,700 which will show you have to create over £100,000 and guarantees a return on your investment? 


University is £9000 per year and you need to do it for 3 years and have no direct return on investment, no personalisation to the approach. This programme is a fraction of the time and cost and will teach you how to make a return on investment over an over and over again.


I truly believe when we want something bad enough we always find the way. Investing in your business is a business expense and should be seen as an investment, not an expense that's taking from you but that is investing in a return. If you don’t invest in your business, how will it grow or be created?


If you really want this then please contact me and my team who can advise you on creative ways to gain capital like me and many of my clients did or use the messenger bot. 


How will I make my investment back?

My clients make their investments back very quickly hence most of my clients repeatedly work with me and I have added a guarantee. To give you an example if you are a coach you only need to sell 2x£1850 or 4x£925 coaching packages to make your full investment back (I sold 3 packages my first month in business at £1,500 just to give you an idea of what's possible and this was 7 years ago as we know inflation has gone up since then). I plan on you making a lot more then this depending on your own goals. How experienced you in business will have an impact on this.


Can this programme work for MLM?

100% yes, a few of my clients are MLM


Can this programme work for an offline business trying to get online or find a way to work more online? 

A million per cent yes! You are actually in a great position to create results fast this way and this is where most of my clients are! 


I like the sound of this but would like to work with you more closely, how can I do that?

You can apply for my mastermind, or do the 1-1 option above book a call via links above and mention this.  


Closing note:


I know this is a big deal and there are a lot of programmes out there but there are none like this that support you in this way. I take you investing in the Academy seriously and therefore will do everything to help you create all the success you desire as your mentor. There really has never been a better time!


If you want this but have any reservations just reach out to me I want to make sure you make the right decision for you! 


Kirsty xxx 


You can learn more about me and read about others experiences of clients with me here

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Everything shared here is copy righted and trademarked (where appropriate) if you are found to copy what is on here legal action may be taken*

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