Enrolment Open NOW! Only 2 spots available! 

Are you ready to take some big actions this year? Increase your impact? Your income? Your Confidence? Your Network? Do you want to make your life and business more ‘you’? Have a clear and simple strategy to success? And finally stop wasting time and accelerate your results? 


If you know you could be playing a much larger game and you want to invest in creating your success this year with a small group of established entrepreneurs like yourself then my mastermind may just be the answer you have been looking for….



My Results Orientated Mastermind is for a limited number of female entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business and their self to the next level. Who want to be part of a mastermind community and have constant tailored support for 4 months or more in a safe environment. It is only for established entrepreneurs who are purpose driven, open minded and willing to put in the work. 


​This is a results orientated mastermind and it will be expected of you to take action (but why else would you join?)


Masterminds have been known to be the secret of the successful (Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich). And after running them for the past 18months I can totally vouch for that (the results speak for themselves).


We are who we surround ourselves with and when you combine experience, knowledge and the 4 layers of accountability, you achieve results beyond anything you could get on your own or with just one other person. 


My Mastermind will give you all the guidance, tools, structure and accountability you need for 4 months (minimum with an option to stay longer) and take you places you could never get to on your own. By being in a mastermind you’ll be able to leverage yourself quicker than you ever could before with full support, friendship and all the knowledge and mentorship you’ll need to reach your goal.


Unlike many masterminds out there this mastermind gives you weekly accountability and check ins as well as full support via a membership site and group in-between .


Best of all the women in the mastermind are the best women you will ever meet! 


Plus it's fun, deep and life and business changing!!

The Intention of the mastermind:  

The first reason is quite simply because my clients get results!! (more on that later)


I work on the mindset and energetic level as well as business and brand strategy (and I’m qualified to do so), therefore you will be fully supported in all the ways you need to be. If there’s anything I don’t know, I will bring in the expert in so your support is 100% tailored. But the great thing about masterminds is we are always surrounded by other experts and you are one of them! 

I’ve created a successful multiple 6 figure business myself in a way many haven’t, I got to 6 figures in just over a year in business without using any paid ads or partnerships. I have an engaged tribe, established brand and 

business. I have leveraged my business so I host mastermind events, sell 1-1 services, have 2 group programmes, I’m the founder for the female entrepreneur evolution academy, sell info products, host online events, speak and am a paid affiliate. I constantly reinvest in my own personal and professional development. I’m a certified and accredited coach and business strategist, a Certified NLP Master, and Time Line Therapist. I have a BA Honours Degree in Media, Culture and Communications. I have over 3 years experience in professional coaching and 8 years experience working in the Media Industry (Branding, editorial, content producing, and entertainment). 

More importantly, I am a real authentic coach that gets real results for my clients and is 100% committed to the process (scroll to the bottom to read about some of my client's successes). My, clients take their businesses to the next level, create more income and impact than they ever have before, and get more clients. They create businesses that are aligned with them that they love. They achieve more than they ever have before, they get visible, confident, they do things that were once ‘impossible’. They grow engaged tribes that love them and they love too, they have clearly defined brands and messages, more importantly they are more confident and happier than they've ever been before (and so much more)! 

Why work with me in the Mastermind?

What you will get:

​8 x POWERFUL Mastermind calls -

bi-weekly zoom virtual meetings where we go deep and you get 15/20 minutes in the hot seat and walk away with your next big action! 

​7 x POWERFUL Implementation Sessions -

bi-weekly to get things done in super speed and train your brain to go in flow! 

1 x A 90 minute 1-1 intensive with me -

This is the deep dive where you will get the things you can’t get from video trainings or mastermind calls where we will deep dive and create huge changes (Time line therapy and NLP working on your unconscious mind)

Instant access to in depth private membership site - with all the trainings and worksheets where you’ll get trainings on everything from branding, building communities, growing and using instagram, launching, create funnels that convert, managing money and so much more! (updated for you and to your needs) click here to get a more in depth idea of what you in get in membership site 


  • Done for you templates and funnels that covert over double industry standards (40%!!) so you can plug and play - the hard work is done for you!! 

  • Small private Facebook group with daily prompts and accountability threads! 

  • An in person Mastermind Day event - this day is a game changer!!! Happening around the first weekend of April (exact date confirmed with the mastermind)

  • A Mastermind pack to break the whole process down!

  • Reactive trainings and expert sessions - the mastermind is 100% tailored to you and your needs! 

  • And so much more! 

You also get everything including all bonuses of the Academy click here to read more


8 part Instagram course

5 part Facebook and Instagram Ads Training

Expert Training Sessions

Plus a call ‘on the call’ bonus when you book your call this week!!


Client stories from some of my recent clients

Watch this video to see many of the clients I have worked with and what they had to say about their experience.

"It's been a pretty amazing 3 months, in this time my revenue doubled from the same period last year and I launched a course with a few weeks notice selling 11 spaces''

"Over the four months we worked together my income more than doubled. I successfully launched my first group programme and am serving 18 clients in total."

"I made more progress in the first 3 months of the mastermind than the last 3 years in my business. I had cashflow issues and only took one day off the year before working with Kirsty. But in a matter of months I had my highest earning year and am in a totally different place. I couldn't recommend Kirsty and the Mastermind more."

"I was so productive during the mastermind thanks to the accountability and broken down action steps that my income tripled from what it was the previous 9 months."

“Before working with Kirsty in her mastermind I had set up many foundations up since returning back to work since having cancer, but I needed a clear plan of being visible online with confidence.


I decided to work with Kirsty, as I felt I need an online community around me to help me finish the year strong as I was launching some key services & products. I felt I could get a lot of help and strategy support from Kirsty.


I’d describe my experience of the mastermind as life changing, truly an incredible fun, inspiring, transforming experience. This process along side some of the other personal development I did in 2018 made me have an successful year. 


The videos of content that was shared by Kirsty really helped me develop my mindset further. Even as a Life + Business Coach myself my mindset needs working on.


The results I achieved from being in the mastermind include: 

Being visible online, creating a clear and simple strategy, Getting an office space, Growing my clients for my personal and corporate clients. More confidence internally and externally

More engagement on social media. Meeting amazing woman! Friends for life Setting strong foundations and getting clear with my processes


For anyone considering joining the mastermind I would say - Do it, don’t over think it! Make sure it’s the right time for you.”

“Before I started working with Kirsty I only just started to set up my own company, I felt that I needed to have more sense of business direction and mentorship with different aspects of business to move my business forward. 


I found Kirsty on facebook and joined the female entrepreneur group, I enjoyed being apart of the community and Kirsty’s personality so I decided to reach out to Kirsty as a mentor. From here our first call progressed into joining the 3 months mastermind journey.


Working with Kirsty has been a wonderful journey and has made me accept the process of working on your own business and how achieving success takes time, patience and working on yourself is key.


I enjoyed the dynamic of working within a small group, each call was so valuable and we all had the chance to receive invaluable mentoring advice.


Since being part of the Mastermind I have more of a clear idea of my brand and the direction, my mind was quite cluttered with ideas, Kirstys mentorship programme honed these ideas into more of a simplistic and achievable form. With clear goals and planning techniques. 


I achieved confidence, as an example at the end of the mentorship today I recorded my first podcast on video which will be posted on you tube and achieved an invitation to join a panel of webinars programme for the design industry which will be advertised on Apple. Before the mentorship I was shy even on the call with Kirsty.

I have achieved 8 strong pile leadline leads for my business. Achieved an offer of a partnership with a luxury yacht designer which is currently in negotiations. Currently closing out a deal with a luxury goods brand, which will be due to start next week and great potential for business growth within the luxury market.


Achieved 8 top clients for my affiliate work where my business will reap the benefits in 2019. 


Upgraded my home and general well being by understanding thoughts processes and patterns and learn to align these to not take up too much of my brain and physical energy. 


I have learnt also that this is the very beginning of something very special and with patience and persistence I will achieve the goals I intend to for the year that were set during the mastermind day.


I feel more powerful and positive about my business and brand. I feel as though I'm starting to run a business instead of just being hopeful to run a successful business. 


All round happier about my future and I have belief in myself that I will achieve my goals.


I have recommended Kirsty to nearly all my friends that find they may need help to align their goals and dreams and this has inspired others to act on their dreams too.”

Being an entrepreneur can be really lonely and it's not always easy to be objective about your own business and the decisions you're facing. I've also learned that your friends don't always have your best interests at heart, whereas a coach and mastermind group have a completely different objective.

These are just a few (it would be a very long page if we put them all) to read more go the female entrepreneur evolution academy page or click here to read more reviews on the fb business page.

Lastly I just want to leave you with this.. Two and a half years ago I was in a bad place in my life and was searching for someone to help get me out of it. As soon as I put that intention out there my first ever mentor appeared. I worked with her for a year and my whole life and business changed forever. 


There is a saying that ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’ and I have found this throughout my life to be true.


I don’t know what brought you to this page today. But what I do know is everything happens for a reason, including the fact you are reading these words right now. 


It’s now up to you to take the next step.. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


When does the Mastermind start?


Enrolment is open. With only 2 spots available, you need to book your call now!


Can I get more details on the trainings I get access to?


Yes for a full breakdown look at the The Female Entrepreneur Evolution Academy where it breaks down all the trainings for you. 


I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to do this?


Will you ever have enough time to do this..? Or anything else.. When it comes to making changes and taking ourselves or our businesses to the next level we rarely get a magic pot of ‘the right time’. It has been with my experience that the only time we can make changes and create results is to go for it now - when you take action now, you become resourceful and find the time. 


Plus I will help you use your time better so you can maximise your time while in the mastermind and after.


ALL past mastermind clients battled this and all created more results in 4 months than they ever had before! 



What time will the calls be?


Calls are held on a Tuesday at 12pm (GMT).

When is the in person Mastermind happening?


The next Mastermind Day will be held on 26th April at Warren House (Kingston). Additional days will be added throughout the year.

More questions??



Just email info@kirstycarden.com we will be happy to help.

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